AutoCAD Architecture 2014

AutoCAD Architecture 2014
AutoCAD Architecture 2014
AutoCAD® Architecture—the AutoCAD® software for architects.

AutoCAD Architecture 2014 software helps you maximize productivity with new tools and enhancements for architectural design and documentation. Creating corner windows and column grids is now faster and easier, while powerful 3D design tools give you even more control and flexibility. Speed renovation and retrofit projects with enhancements to point cloud tools. Performance improvements help reduce startup and drawing load times, which can improve your everyday work experience. AutoCAD Architecture 2014 continues to deliver timesaving functionality to optimize your design workflow.

Renovation Tools

  • Point Cloud Support - Bring your 3D scans to life, streamlining time-consuming renovation and restoration projects.

Drafting Productivity

  • Corner Windows - Create corner windows more easily than ever.
  • Column Grid Enhancements - Now you can modify custom column grids and create new custom column grids using previously inputted data.  More easily add columns along a gridline by choosing this new option within the user interface.
  • Productivity Enhancements - AutoCAD Architecture 2014 includes enhancements to improve your drafting and modeling productivity.
  • 3D Design Tools - The power of multifunctional grips has been extended to more AutoCAD objects including lines, arcs, elliptical arcs, dimensions, and mleaders as well as 3D faces, edges, and vertices.

Performance and Collaboration

  • Improved Performance - AutoCAD® Architecture 2014 software features performance enhancements to help improve your experience while using everyday functionality and tools
  • Web-Based Collaboration Tools - The AutoCAD® WS web and mobile application for AutoCAD Architecture software enables you to view, edit, and share DWG™ drawings through a web browser or mobile device.
  • Content Search - Find design files, content, and objects more quickly with a new Search panel that enables you to search current drawings, Autodesk® Seek® web service and local and network from directly within AutoCAD Architecture 2014 software.
  • Autodesk Exchange - Use Autodesk® Exchange software to access a community filled with pertinent learning information.
  • IFC Support - AutoCAD Architecture 2014 software allows you to export drawings in the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file format, helping you to create, manage, and share data with team members during the design process.


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