Apr 29, 2009
Nicole Morris

Copying Layouts from One Drawing to Another

Applies To : AutoCAD

A typical set of construction documents will often show the same area multiple times, emphasizing different features (e.g., existing conditions, grading plan, soil erosion plan, etc.). These sheets can be tedious to recreate when they contain the same view, particularly when matchlines are involved.

Shortcut the process by using the Design Center.


This is one of the AutoCAD palettes available from the Standard toolbar (or type Ctrl+2). This palette allows you to access specific types of data from any other drawing on your network, even if they are closed or locked for editing by another user.

To copy a layout from another drawing:

  • Use the directory to locate the particular file
  • Expand it until you browse to the available layouts in that file
  • Double-click on the layout(s) you want to use, and they will be added to your current drawing
  • Copying layouts from one drawing to another is effective because the viewports will already be populated with the appropriate part of a project, and at the same scale as the original. You can also use this tool to “drag-and-drop” blocks from one drawing.