KETIV Slipstream

leading you To a better upgrade experience

The principal obstacles to keeping your software current are lack of time to migrate and time to train on all the new features. Now, with KETIV Slipstream™, get the consulting services you need to install or upgrade your software with minimum effort and interruption. We define the workplan and execute according to the needs of your business.

Moving to a new version of your software?

Put best practices to work for you and get personalized instruction on how the separate tools can work in harmony, customized to your specific business. This is individualized assistance where you need it most. We'll skillfully—

  • manage the installation including hardware optimization and configuring the application
  • migrate your current data to ensure a smooth transition and to ensure you can reuse it with legacy systems such as AutoCAD and other software, such as Solidworks®
  • get you up-to-speed on the latest improvements and new features, like the interoperability of all the solutions in your new Suite.
  • help you leverage the different applications in the suite, each designed for their purpose in your project workflow

Get a detailed assessment of your operation with our health check.

A fundamental advantage of Slipstream is to receive a health check, in which our team meets with you to conduct a thorough assessment of key operational functions to ensure success.

• Assess any issues in the current modeling process
• Explore ways to optimize the model
• Share with you industry best practices
• Benchmark the work against other projects
• Detect and resolve inefficiencies in the design process

We perform analysis of key areas including the computer environment, configuration and templates, content libraries, design methodology, documentation, and the level of user expertise. When our health check is concluded you will receive a highly-detailed report on issues such as errors, inefficiencies, wastage, and other factors that directly impact your bottom line. Further, you will have an independent project-oriented assessment of your company skills. All this helps you pinpoint your ROI and provide actionable ways to improve it.

There’s more than meets the eye in the 2014 Suites. 

Whether you’re installing new software, upgrading existing solutions, or enhancing your data management systems, KETIV Slipstream™ leads the way to a faster, cleaner, and easier to use software installation. 

As an Autodesk Consulting Services Partner we’ve been trained to apply best practices. Our expert application engineers and consultants do the heavy lifting for you by tackling the tough tasks and the important details with insider’s familiarity. Knowing that the implementation is sound and secure will enable you to focus on your work.

Call your KETIV representative for more details.

Ready to get current?

More than one client’s told us, “We really need to upgrade, but everyone’s just too busy.”

Delaying your upgrades drains productivity and hurts the bottom line through lost opportunity.

And upgrading without technical assistance is often loaded with hidden costs and unforeseen issues.