Jun 07, 2009
Nicole Morris

How to create a Local Administrator Account for Windows XP

Applies To : Windows XP Systems


Permission Issues while installing software.


Many software programs require local administrator rights in order to install properly.  This is not to be confused with a domain Administrator.   Creating a local administrator will allow you to install product without  ‘System Group Policy’ restrictions and limited ‘Power’ or ‘Standard’ user restrictions.

This document lists the steps necessary to create a local administrator account on a Windows XP platform.

In order to create a Local Admin account follow these steps:

1. Right click on the machine name on your desktop or my computer in windows explorer.
2. Select ‘Manage’ from the context sensitive menu










3. Select ‘Users’ under the ‘Local Users and Groups’ section
4. Right click in the Right window and select ‘New User…’














Create a name that lets you know that this is for the Local Admin account, such as ‘Local_Admin’

5. Create a password that is compliant with the requirements for the system. These may be a combination of capitals, numbers or special characters

6. Select the ‘Create’ button to create the new user account













The new user account should display in the ‘Users’ section of the ‘Computer Management’ dialog box as shown to the right.

7. Select the ‘Groups’ section under ‘Local Users and Groups’

8. Double click ‘Administrators’ to get the ‘Administrators Properties’ dialog box shown below
















9. Select ‘Add…’ to add a new ‘Local User Group’ for the ‘Local_Admin’ user

10. Select the ‘Locations…’ button to change to a local location









11. Select the local machine name for the location

This will allow the new user account location to be local.










12. Type in the user name that was created (Local_Admin) and select the ‘Check Names’ button

13. Select ‘OK’ and the new ‘Local Admin’ account should display in the ‘Administrators’ list




















Process Completed

You will now be able to log into your PC as a ‘Local Administrator’ in order to do an install of the Autodesk product without ‘System Group Policy’ restrictions and limited ‘Power’ or ‘Standard’ user restrictions.


For printable pdf version click here.