Apr 05, 2012
Erin Gavlick

What Subscription Customers Need to Know About 2013 Product Release

Applies to:  All Autodesk 2012 Subscription Products

Subscription customers

Autodesk Building Design Suite - For AutoCAD Architecture and Autodesk Revit users.
Autodesk Product Design Suite - For AutoCAD Mechanical and Autodesk Inventor users
Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite - For AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD Map 3D users.
Autodesk Plant Design Suite - For AutoCAD Plant and AutoCAD P&ID users.
Autodesk Design Suite - For AutoCAD users.


What should you expect as an Autodesk Subscription Customer with the release of the Autodesk 2013 products.


What you need to know

1. Contract Managers will first receive their upgrade fulfillment message notifying them that the upgrade has released. Depending on their delivery preference (box or download), a customer will either receive a notification informing them that their upgrade is ready for download or a notification that their upgrade has shipped. Both notifications include the serial number and product key for their new upgrades.

In addition to the fulfillment notifications described above, a series of follow-up communications will also be sent to ensure that customers take action to obtain their upgrade.

2. If a customer changed his/her delivery preference from "Download" to "Box" last year and/or at any time prior to March 15, 2011, the customer will automatically receive a physical shipment for upgrades released in 2012.

3. If you did not select to receive a box shipment and would like one subscription customers (Software Coordinators & Contract Managers) can request a physical shipment on Subscription Center. For instructions on how to request a box shipment please click here.

4. All Autodesk Suite Products will be delivered on Flash Drives and not DVDs if you requested to receive a box shipment.

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