by Denee Busby, June 9, 2015

Free Your CAD and the Rest Will Follow

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Collaboration! It’s real and it’s now. There are organizations out there who have defined and etched out a specific and complex product development process. They have incorporated collaboration pertaining to data management and lifecycle management, however the design factor has continued to be a puzzle, “Do you use universal file formats? IGES? STEP? Parasolid?” There are pluses and minuses to each, the question lingers on … until now.


Enter stage left Autodesk Inventor AnyCAD, launched this Spring in Inventor 2016. AnyCAD is integrated file interoperability technology that provides direct associative capabilities without the need for file translation. Imagine you are an Inventor house that works with a supplier that uses SolidWorks. You are designing a pedal assembly and one of the components that you use is being redesigned by your supplier. What version should you use? How can you both design and validate in an open environment? Can I make changes to other CAD models and automatically update FULL associativity?


Well my friends, freedom has come at last. Not only can features be changed on ANY CAD model, but as the intelligence is added to original CAD model it can appear automatically in Inventor. This allows a seamless real-time design workflow that is open and transparent. Autodesk users can also leverage the native CAD file inside Inventor and can even perform a simulation using Nastran In-CAD to ensure it meets the specification of the overall design.

The takeaway here is that design is evolving. The tools are evolving and we as vendors are evolving. For more information about AnyCAD, check out our webinar about it here.

It’s an exciting time to be in the design and manufacturing industry. The fun continues. What’s next?

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