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by Kanwar Anand, October 6, 2015

The Future of Autodesk Licensing

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By now you’ve heard about the upcoming transformation of Autodesk’s licensing and subscription model. Many of our clients are already embracing this change while some others remain unclear on exactly what it means for them. All of us at KETIV consider it our responsibility to provide you with the information you need to make fact-based decisions. So let’s review this change and understand what you need to know.

Are You Ready for Desktop Subscription?

Last Thursday we invited Ray Savona, VP of Americas Sales at Autodesk, to give our customers a first-hand perspective. Ray shared his observations about how technology has changed our focus: first from documentation to optimization, and eventually to connection and collaboration. He shared Autodesk’s vision for its cloud based portfolio including the emerging platform for Innovative Product Design, Fusion 360.

But he was really here to talk about the recently announced changes to Autodesk’s licensing. In a nutshell, after July 31, 2016, Autodesk will end the sale of perpetual Suite licenses. Sales of perpetual standalone products will end on February 1, 2016.

This brought up some questions from the online audience and I am sharing the most common ones here:

What Happens to my Perpetual Licenses?

Nothing, you can continue to use your perpetual license. If your licenses are covered under maintenance, you will continue to receive all the related benefits, including upgrades as they become available.

What Happens if Maintenance Expires?

If maintenance expires, you will have to purchase subscription. Before July 31, 2016 you may have the option to put your license back on maintenance.

Will Autodesk Stop Selling Maintenance Subscription?

Autodesk and KETIV have a large number of perpetual license customers who have maintenance. There are no plans to stop selling maintenance. However, Autodesk believes that over time subscription will provide a better experience and that maintenance customers will be eager to move in that direction.

I am Currently Using Network Perpetual Licenses. Is This Option Available for Desktop Subscription?

Autodesk plans to include the option to purchase licenses of individual products on a network subscription basis on February 1, 2016. A similar solution for Suites is still being worked on. We will provide you updates as they become available.

Will I Need an Internet Connection at all Times to use Subscription?

No, you will not need a constant internet connection. However, an internet connection will be required for the initial installation and authorization. After that, users can work off line for as long as 30 days, at which time Autodesk sends a light ping to keep the account and software current. The program and data reside locally and do not need constant internet access.

Why Should I Purchase a Subscription License if it Costs More in the Long Run (Perpetual vs. Subscription)?

Based on current pricing, after a period of three or four years, subscription will cost more than a perpetual license with maintenance. However, Autodesk intends to offer more value over time to support this cost – including the flexibility of term licensing, and faster access to more software within their portfolio.


What does this change mean for you? How will the pricing model affect your budgets and usage? Are you prepared to save money now by taking advantage of the flexibility of the new subscription program?

To help you prepare for the inevitable switch, we’re offering a full assessment of your Autodesk needs and exactly how this change will affect your business. Your assessment will include:

  • A full report of what you have access to with your current licenses
  • An assessment of your current usage from an IT and Engineering perspective
  • A calculated prediction of your likely usage for the next 12-24 months
  • The impact of the new Autodesk Subscription model to your current plan
  • A tailor-made proposal with licensing recommendations to fit your needs best

If you need additional perpetual or subscription licenses, Autodesk is offering aggressive rebates and discounts.

What do you think? Are you concerned about the direction Autodesk has taken with this recurring revenue model, or are you eager to take advantage of flexible licensing and a cloud infrastructure? Share your thoughts with us.

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