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Data Management Consulting

At KETIV, we know that your data is your most valuable asset. That is why we have a variety of services, backed by our team of Experts to help you safeguard your data.

KETIV Data Management Services

With a variety of Experts, KETIV is equipped to deliver the right data management services for you and your team. This includes Autodesk Vault PLM Services, which bring together PDM and PLM in one integrated system. Giving you a collaborative design process and bi-directional information sharing for all involved in the product lifecycle—from engineering and supply chain to quality and manufacturing—everyone working from a central source of data.

Services include:

  •                – Vault Implementations
  •                – Vault PLM Implementations
  •                – Workflow Mapping
  •                – Custom Implementations
  •                – Custom Reporting
  •                – Business Infrastructure Integrations
  •                – Upgrades
  •                – Health Checks
  •                – Vault as a Service


Autodesk Vault PLM gives you the power to manage data in one central location, collaborate internally and externally, and streamline BOM and change management.

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