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Getting to Know Cactus Varied Industries

When Cactus Varied Industries met KETIV at a trade show, they were looking for a new and dynamic partner to work with to manage their design softwareAs a division of one of the world’s largest cattle feeding companiesCactus Varied Industries is a commercial mass manufacturer of agricultural and construction systems. The portion of their business that is focused on cattle feeding is primarily project focused, while the construction equipment portion is centered around mass production. This makes their software needs unique since they require these two business segments to run parallel to one another. 

“We were looking for a partner not just for managing technology and servers but that could help us find and utilize solutions to our problems” stated Kasey Kuriyama, Operations Manager at Cactus Varied Industries.

Other vendors Cactus Varied Industries had previously worked with would often start conversations about features within a specific productbut KETIV began by learning about their business processes and challengesAccording to Kasey, “KETIV started by asking us, ‘What are you trying to accomplish?’ and then they found the tools to achieve that.” 

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Where some other vendors would tell us to switch products, KETIV saw the value we were already deriving from some other tools and KETIV helped us connect these tools to Inventor.
- Kasey Kuriyama, Operations Manager

Goal Setting with KETIV Support

KETIV worked with Cactus Varied Industries to understand their goals, current challenges and needs for the futureCactus Varied Industries decided to purchase KETIV’s support package. KETIV provides guidance and support to help companies like Cactus Varied Industries improve productivity and efficiency within the organization. KETIV offers guidance through tailored goal setting with a KETIV Customer Success Manager. 

Brian Mongkolpoonsuk, a KETIV Customer Success Manager, guided Cactus Varied Industries through the Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection and identified tools that would address current challengesBy learning about the business processes and challenges of the customer, KETIV was able to plug- in tools that Cactus Varied Industries were already paying for, into their specific processes. In addition, KETIV helped Cactus Varied Industries gain more value out of tools they were already using. For example, by implementing a custom parts library within Inventor, Cactus Varied Industries was able to reduce drafting time by 33%. 

KETIV also helped them connect technology outside of Autodesk’s suite of products to their existing processes. Where some other vendors would tell us to switch products, KETIV saw the value we were already deriving from some other tools and KETIV helped us connect these tools to Inventor.” Again, KETIV took the approach of trying to solve the business challenge instead of starting with the product.  

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Continuous Learning Opportunities with KETIV Support

Training provided through the KETIV support package has allowed Cactus Varied Industries to succeed with the new tools they are being introduced to. They are taking advantage of the Productivity and Jumpstart Training. All prior trainings are provided in a library along with other webinars KETIV conducts. Cactus Varied Industries has utilized the live training, but also enjoys the flexibility to utilize the training library. Kacey said, “The library is excellent, you never know when your team runs across something, its good to have topical data and content at our fingertips to be able to search through.”

KETIV Data Management

KETIV Data Management includes Vault maintenance, upgrades, and support. KETIV helps to implement Vault and conducts quarterly reviews to make sure the Vault is working properly, and backups are being conducted.  

Our IT department enjoys working with KETIV because they help keep the servers backed up and deal with the back-end side of the technology seamlessly.
- Kasey Kuriyama, Operations Manager

Final Thoughts

Cactus Varied Industries has utilized many pieces of KETIV Support to become more productive with their current processes and technology. By starting with the business outcome, Cactus Varied Industries was looking to derive, KETIV helped to ensure their success.  

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*All photos courtesy of Cactus Varied Industries

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