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KETIV Lifeline: How These Customers Found Guidance and Support When they Needed it Most

An Industrial Manufacturer Utilized Lifeline Support and Recorded Training

An industrial manufacturer who recently switched to a remote work setting encountered slow loading times for their AutoCAD software when trying to access drawing files over the VPN. Their AutoCAD software uses a catalog stored on a network shared drive that was causing the program to run slow. When the company called Lifeline, KETIV was able to set up an environment file and custom icon files to point to a local drive that was backed up to the network on a certain frequency. This took the VPN latency down to a few seconds. 

KETIV didn’t stop there, “After we received support, Nicole (on the Lifeline team) sent me specific YouTube videos around how to manage content and our catalog correctly. I have gone through the videos and found some things we are able to implement to make our process more efficient. Lifeline didn’t just solve our case, they gave us guidance on how to continue to move forward” said a Systems Designer at a Part Manufacturer 

After we received support, Nicole (on the Lifeline team) sent me specific YouTube videos around how to manage content and our catalog correctly...Lifeline didn’t just solve our case, they gave us guidance on how to continue to move forward.

A Waste Plastic Recycling Company Took Advantage of Lifeline’s Phone Support

A waste plastic recycling company utilizes Vault (like many KETIV customers do) to control one of their most valuable resources, their data.  One late night, an employee was struggling to get design data to properly back up to the server. She called Lifeline who was able to quickly address the issue.  Because KETIV was familiar with the Vault set up, they were able to provide the support fast and get the company up and running again. As she said, “They were my Lifeline when I truly needed them”– Document Controller at Plastics Reuse Company 

They were my Lifeline when I truly needed them.

Guidance and Support

These are just a few examples of how KETIV Lifeline has helped customers. KETIV Lifeline isn’t just your average phone or email support packageWith Lifeline, KETIV’s goal is to provide guidance and support to ensure the long-term success of our customer’s business.  

When you subscribe to KETIV Lifeline, you are signing up to have a team of dedicated experts at your fingertips, ready to help empower you when you need it. Lifeline is made up of two foundational pillars: guidance & support and continuous learning.  

Our team is committed to helping you reduce downtime and meet your most critical project deadlines. Optimization is always at top of mind, whether it be your software, hardware, licensing or your people. We understand your usage and help you plan for what’s ahead. This guidance and support will not only help you when things are going right, but when they aren’t, giving you peace of mind.  

The continuous learning offered through Lifeline helps engage employees, improve retention and increase productivity. Learning opportunities are flexible and scalable, depending on your current needs. We offer several types of learning that are all available live and recorded, so you never miss a session that is relevant to you.  

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Is KETIV Lifeline Right for Your Team?

During your journey through KETIV Lifeline, you will benefit from guidance & support, as well as continuous learning. Our team will also check-in during key times of the year to make sure you are on the right track. And finally, future planning will help you setup your goals for the next year and make sure you have all the information you need to continue your success.  

If you think that KETIV Lifeline might be a great fit for your team, contact us or learn more on our support page!  

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