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KETIV - Reverse Engineering with Autodesk Manufacturing Technology - Webinar

Join our webinar on Reverse Engineering with Autodesk Manufacturing Technology to learn how to inspect, model, and manufacture parts you can no longer purchase.

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May 25th at 10:00 AM PT

Often times, design data for older parts may not be available. When that part reaches its end of life and needs replacement, time and energy is spent to re-make a part where the supplier is no longer available. Reverse engineering allows you re-manufacture a part after inspection of the original and Autodesk Manufacturing technology enables this process.

In this webinar, we will cover the steps for Reverse Engineering a part using Autodesk PowerShape and FeatureCAM.

We will cover:

  • Importing part scan data
  • Building the solid using the mesh segmentation tool
  • Mesh feature recognition and editing
  • Part and mesh comparison analysis
  • Import reverse engineered model from PowerShape into FeatureCAM
  • Use Feature Recognition to drill holes and mill sections on various 3+2 setups
  • Machine Simulation on a 5-axis Mill.
  • Generating NC Code

Join Edward Ward, Autodesk Technical Specialist and Alex Alvarez, KETIV Application Engineer to understand how Autodesk Manufacturing Technology improves your Reverse Engineering process.


About the Presenters:

Alex Alvarez, KETIV Application Engineer

Alex has an Advanced CAM Certification in PowerMill. He has spent his time at KETIV developing training and adoption strategies for HSM users with a focus in manufacturing and now providing consulting and engineering services for the Advanced Manufacturing industry.




Edward James Ward, Autodesk Technical Specialist

Edward joined Delcam in 1999 as an application engineer before moving to Canada in 2002 where he continued his role providing training and technical guidance to customers across North America. He has over 20 years of valuable knowledge in the CAD/CAM industry and following the acquisition of Autodesk in 2016 he has spent the last few years as a Technical Sales Specialist working closely with customers to help them grow and support their manufacturing business.


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