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When does good support start?

For many, technical support is a safety net. When you get into trouble, at least you can call support. While that's true and necessary, we believe support starts from the moment you purchase an Autodesk solution from KETIV. Because the best support addresses the problem before it gets worse.


Support is more critical now.
If you've had to adjust to a shrinking economy, KETIV support can help you bridge the gap. Keeping your engineering and IT resources at peak efficiency is critical. And relying on our services to extend your reach is both effective and cost efficient.

We offer various levels of support to suit many business models. Regardless of the level of support our clients have chosen, one truth stands out. Our most satisfied clients—the ones who enjoy the greatest benefit from Autodesk solutions—are the ones who have purchased support services.

KETIV support is focused support. Our best people, certified product-specific engineers, answer support calls. We have a dedicated support technician on duty every day. We support AutoCAD, AutoCAD Inventor Suites, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Civil, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD P&ID, Autodesk Vault.

We resolve problems quickly. If we encounter a software defect we escalate it to Autodesk, keep cases open, and provide updates to our clients.

We track cases; clients can view their status online and we report history at management's request.

Select support that's best for you.
When you purchase products and solutions from KETIV, installation and configuration support is standard. Let us help you determine the best support for your company–



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Support Services
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Certified Experts
Our application engineers are Autodesk Certified Experts. They help you prevent—and solve—complex problems to optimize your operations. Our instructors also are part of the Product Support Team. This combination of cross-training and shared knowledge generates very high customer satisfaction levels.

Accelerate Your Productivity
Call us to discuss the best way to put KETIV Support Services to work for you.