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by Jason Courtemanche, August 11, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Product Data Management (In Under 5 Mins)

There are two types of manufacturers: Those that live at the cutting edge of information technology, and  Those yet to set out on their digital transformation journeys. In our experience, both types of manufacturers have one thing in common:…

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by Thomas Fitzgerald, December 1, 2022

What Does a Product Configurator Mean to Your Industry?

Every company that manufactures complex products and struggles with transferring data from customers to the factory floor can benefit enormously from having a robust product configurator. But which benefits have the most significant impact on your…

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by Javier Chavez, November 17, 2022

6 Ways to Propel Your Business Using Digital Manufacturing Technologies

From sales to the shop floor, design to supply chain, and support to simulation, emerging digital manufacturing technologies provide solutions to age-old manufacturing problems.  With the right cocktail of software, systems, and materials, you,…

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by Cole Kellogg, November 7, 2022

Real World Learning for Autodesk Inventor with Pinnacle Series

The teams at KETIV are excited about this one! This new tool can help accelerate your skill building within Inventor and your other Autodesk applications. The new Pinnacle Series plug-in for Autodesk Inventor is contextual learning at its finest –…

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by Graham Stevens, November 3, 2022

Simulation for Stress Analysis: What You Need to Know

Stress analysis-an engineering discipline based on solid mechanics-is a crucial element of mechanical engineering. Why? Because an engineering component can fail due to stress, often with dire consequences. Whether the object of study is a table…

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by Javier Chavez, October 31, 2022

3 Tacton CPQ Solutions for Building Materials Manufacturers

Demand for more and more custom options is making life harder and harder for building materials manufacturers. More parts, more constraints, more custom engineering, and one-off pricing mean selling building materials has never been more…

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by Thomas Fitzgerald, October 20, 2022

How Do CPQ Integrations Enhance the Customer Experience?

CPQ integration provides a smooth, seamless customer experience. Buyers can self-serve, customizing products at will and receiving accurate quotes instantly.  Thanks to CPQ, buyers don’t have to speak to a sales rep or wait for anyone to get back…

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by Snigdha Sarkar, October 10, 2022

8 Transformative Benefits of AI in Manufacturing

AI was introduced in manufacturing in the late 1970s. But nothing much changed until 1997. In 1997, a computer powered by AI called Deep Blue beat chess champion, Garry Kasparov. After that, manufacturers realized the key to efficiency,…

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by Jason Courtemanche, October 6, 2022

7 Critical Steps on the Digital Transformation Roadmap

It’s time to revitalize American manufacturing now.  There’s so much at stake here. In March 2022, the manufacturing sector employed 12,657,000 people with an average income of $92,832. Taken alone, manufacturing in the US would be the…

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by DJ Monzyk, October 6, 2022

4 Key Benefits of Cloud Storage and Data Management for Building Products Manufacturers

It’s no surprise the global cloud computing market is booming (from $219 billion in 2020 to $791 billion in 2028.) The kinks and security issues associated with cloud data management have been ironed out, and companies of all types are reaping…

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by Thomas Fitzgerald, October 3, 2022

Why Online Product Configurators Are a Manufacturing Must-Have

How similar are the B2B and B2C sales experiences? Travel back in time, and you’ll probably see a B2B experience that was formal and dry, while the B2C journey tended to be a little more fun and customer-centric. At least, that’s the formula…

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