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You’re a start-up looking for a head start.

Focus on growing your startup - we take care of the rest. KETIV helps to navigate the distractions and pitfalls to allow startups to focus on their big idea.

Save time, headaches, and false starts.

As a start-up you need to avoid the operational challenges that arise from managing technology and implementation in-house. Focus on innovation instead of assessing, buying, installing and training on your business-critical software.

Get the Inside Scoop

Learn the ins-and-outs of what’s available to your startup for free and reduced-cost benefits through us and our partners.

Don’t Go It Alone

Access training programs and subject matter expertise that you can’t find in-house. Get help with subscriptions, renewals, and price changes.

Because Time Is Money

Get your people trained and productive fast, while reducing costs by outsourcing technology implementation and data management.
“We want to help other small businesses understand that the entry into new technologies may not be as daunting with the help of KETIV.”

Ben Eddy, Designer at Transpac Marinas

Save on Software Licensing

Leverage free and reduced-cost software available to your startup by working with KETIV, who understands these programs inside and out. Let us guide you through subscriptions, renewals, and price changes.

Benefit From Turnkey Implementation

Get up and running faster with new technologies and an entire team ensuring your success. Avoid company downtime with outsourced technology installation, support, data management, and training.

Easy Access to Training and Experts

Easily enable employees without building in-house training programs from scratch. Get ongoing, personal support from an entire team of experts who you can turn to when you have questions or issues.

More than 46% of startups funded last year are struggling to raise follow-up capital*. How does your startup stand out to win funding?

*Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/346044

Why wait?! Start learning now for free.

KETIV Virtual Academy and Digital Manufacturing Series provide startups with free training to get started using a variety of products, offering free tips, tricks and Q&A live from the experts.

“…KETIV really empowered Kheyti’s employees to become innovators themselves, as they were able to gain the skills to navigate from idea to 3D model, and further prototyping, testing, and implementation on-field.”
Ash Seth, Design and Engineering Consultant

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Manufacturers we’ve helped get started:

digital transformation in manufacturing industry
digitization of manufacturing

what is a digital transformation
Digital transformation in manufacturing

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