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Upcoming Virtual Academy Sessions:

10:00am PDT

3 Managing Change – Vault ECO Routings

Change is an inevitable aspect of the development process, and efficiently managing Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) is crucial for maintaining project timelines and quality. This session delves into the core functionalities of Vault ECO routings, …
10:00am PDT

Electronic Design for Real World Challenges

This session explores Ansys engineering workflows that replicate real-world conditions that electronics often encounter, such as temperature fluctuations/overheating, humidity levels, vibrations, and power and signal integrity issues. We will showcase Ansys workflows that subject …
10:00am PDT

Streamlining Sales and Engineering Workflows with Integration

In the second installment of our KETIV Virtual Academy series, “Driving a Successful Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) Project with Complex Manufacturing,” we shift our focus to the integration of CPQ systems with sales and …
10:00am PDT

Integration, Considerations, and Data Preparation for Seamless CPQ Implementation

The final session of our KETIV Virtual Academy series, “Driving a Successful Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) Project with Complex Manufacturing,” jumps into the practical aspects of integrating CPQ systems with your existing infrastructure. We …

Benefits of the KETIV Virtual Academy

Stay Updated
Stay up-to-date with the latest releases, processes and industry advances, while building your skills.
Curated Topics
Carefully chosen topics help you understand and adopt the most relevant product design and manufacturing software.
Consistent and Reliable
Free 30-45 minute sessions are delivered every single week to ensure on-going learning, at your convenience.
Get Connected
KVA’s live learning format allows you to share knowledge and collaborate amongst a like-minded community.

Recently Recorded Sessions:

Optimizing Configuration, Pricing and Quoting Strategy for Maximum Impact

Let’s dive into the foundational aspects of CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) implementation. Emphasizing the 80/20 rule, we explore the crucial data, clientele, and use cases that demand attention, while also highlighting the importance of not …
Published: April 11, 2024

Design Space-Ready Electronics Using Ansys

Learn how Ansys prepares electronic devices for space – We’ll cover the basics of the space environment workflows to account for the lack of air, strong sunlight, and radiation. See how Ansys software simulates these …
Published: April 4, 2024

What’s your flavor? – Vault Basic vs. Vault Professional

Are you in the process of deciding between Vault Basic and Vault Professional for your data management needs? This week’s KETIV Virtual Academy session will dive deep into the functionalities available in each version …
Published: March 28, 2024