PDM Software for Manufacturers

Unlock the Power of Your Data
Connect your people, processes, and systems via a digital thread to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Streamline design and fabrication, transform the customer experience, and make bold strategic decisions where they matter most.

Make Data Your Competitive Advantage

Unite your entire organization around clean, consistent data from sales to the shop floor. Use this data to drive consistency and accuracy, and gain a complete view of your business.

Break down silos
Create a single source of truth to increase the quality and accessibility of your vital data. Improve cross-functional collaboration and communication for in-house and remote teams.
Drive Digital Innovation
Effective data management opens up a wealth of digital transformation opportunities. Adopt the latest digital technologies required to create smart factories and improve product performance.
Reduce Risk
Protect your data from competitors and hackers who can wreak havoc with a single breach. Store your disparate data in a secure, centralized repository instead of scattered across spreadsheets, emails, and shared drives.
PDM software

Empower Team Members to Achieve Their Potential

Do your teams spend more time finding and finessing data than leveraging it to solve business problems? When it’s time to take decisive action, do they know which silo holds the truth?

Research shows engineers waste one-third of their time on non-value-added tasks, such as:

product data management
product data management
product data management
*Source: www.razorleaf.com/blog/reduce-wasted-engineering-time-to-improve-profitability

Maximize the Value of Your Data with KETIV

If you are ready to drive efficiency, innovation, and security across your organization, you need to get the right information to the right people at the right time. At KETIV, we can help you achieve your data management goals and future-proof your business.

product data management systems

Data Management Services

KETIV’s Data Management Practice has experts and proven methodologies to help with every aspect of data management to enable end-to-end digital manufacturing.

  • Data Management Consulting
  • Data Analysis, Cleansing, Meta Data Enrichment, and Migration
  • Custom Programming and Integration
  • Cloud Hosting, Automated Server Backup, Server Replication
product data management systems

PDM, PLM, and Autodesk Vault Services

Did you know, 86% of users say their PLM is complex or difficult to use? Engineers and designers need to be sure they’re working on the right file, the right version, and can confidently collaborate within and across teams. Ensure your Autodesk Vault PDM or PLM is set up to be fast, secure, accessible, and well-organized single source of truth that teams can rely on to collaborate and perform at peak levels.

    • PDM/PLM Planning, Consulting, and Configuration
    • Lifecycle Configuration

Vault Implementation, Installation, and Upgrades
Custom Programming, ERP Connectors, and Data Loading

Vault Migrations / Cloud Migrations

Choose Vault in the cloud when you want the best in security and access – while KETIV owns the hassle for you. Save big on infrastructure costs, upgrades, management, while ensuring always-on access to your business critical content.
Get Autodesk Vault in the Cloud

Autodesk Vault Software

When you buy Autodesk Vault from KETIV, you get the full force of our team behind you. Get enabled by the best, receive free training, and receive guidance and help from the KETIV Support team that boasts a 98% satisfaction rating.
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What is Product Data Management?

Product data management (PDM) is a strategy for product information management and process management–all in one place.

When product complexity is through the roof (thanks to demand for customization, globalization, supply chain issues, and more), the only way to win at product data management is with formalized PDM software like Autodesk Vault.

manufacturing data managementWhat does a PDM Tool Do?

  • Manages and stores all product-related information in one centralized, intelligent repository.
  • Shows engineering teams only the latest versions of the design and engineering files.
  • Maintains an audit trail and revision history showing who made what changes and when.
  • Shows in real-time if a colleague is modifying a file maintain the highest data quality.

A great PDM solution can revolutionize your engineering data management.

But other teams can benefit from a PDM Tool also. Manufacturing, purchasing, sales, product management, and more–people who might not even know what CAD models are–can access 3D views and multi-level BOMs. They can even leave comments and attach associated PDFs and Excel documents if required.

What’s the difference between PDM and PLM Software?

Product data management software and Product lifecycle management software are not mutually exclusive. Quite the opposite: ideally, you want to have both. You store your product design data in PDM software. You keep all the information about that design data in a PLM system. And the two systems talk to each other.

Why Manufacturers Should Focus on Product Data Management Above All Else

It’s a Key Driver of Efficiency and Productivity

The better organized and more accessible your engineering data, the faster and more efficient your engineering team can be.

Reduces Costs

An effective product data management system reduces product development costs, wastage, errors, and unhappy customers. PDM can improve the product development process with existing resources.

It Makes Compliance Easier

Centralized and organized data makes meeting business and regulatory requirements easier (and monumentally less stressful).

It Provides Security

A best-in-breed PDM software has a robust security component to protect your intellectual property. Role management, permissions, secure folders, project-based security, and associated access privileges give you peace of mind.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Having a single source of truth for data gets everyone on the same page. Everyone uses and communicates around the same files, breaking down silos and boosting agility, responsiveness, and creativity.

Vault PDM users can easily share 2D or 3D views of their work with other stakeholders and exchange comments and feedback. It’s a perfect solution for distributed teams.

Improved Agility and Scalability

With a PDM tool, you keep product-related information in sync across multiple sites. Adding and removing users, teams, and locations can be done in a matter of clicks, making scaling effortless.

Better Talent Acquisition and Retention

Young engineers want to work for companies with high-integrity data and the software required to exploit it. A formal PDM system is a prerequisite for attracting top engineering talent and opens the door to incredible technological innovation.

Having your data in PDM makes the onboarding process more manageable too. Why? Because you don’t waste time training new hires on the peculiarities of your product data management strategy.

Don’t Let Product Data Management Hold You Back.
Make PDM Your Competitive Advantage

If you get product data management in order, you can free your engineers from the burden of file-hunting. No more duplicates. No more replications. No more missing or outdated files. Just happy, productive engineers excelling in their roles and driving your business forward.

What’s more, product data management is the foundation on which you can build an impactful digital transformation strategy. If you want to start benefiting from advanced technologies like additive manufacturing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and simulation modeling, you must implement PDM first.

If you want to get up and running quickly with Vault, on-prem, or in the cloud, get in touch with us at KETIV. We’re here to help.

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Choose Vault in the cloud when you want the best in security and access – while KETIV owns the hassle for you. Save big on infrastructure costs, upgrades, and management, while ensuring always-on access to your business-critical content.

Autodesk Vault Software

When you buy Autodesk Vault from KETIV, you get the full force of our team behind you. Get enabled by the best, receive free training, and receive guidance and help from the KETIV Support team that boasts a 98% satisfaction rating.

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