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Gain better control of your product design with product data management and lifecycle management.
From enhancing project outcomes to fostering people development, our goal is to harness the power of PLM to streamline your product development operations and get you to market faster.
KETIV Consulting Services

Manufacturing Consulting Services

At KETIV Technologies, we’re not just consultants; we’re your partners in transforming the manufacturing process. Our team of Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) experts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure your data management and product development practices drive faster market results and a more productive and happy workforce.

The Role of a Manufacturing Consultant

A manufacturing consultant at KETIV plays a pivotal role in diagnosing challenges and crafting tailored solutions that fit your unique needs. Our experts uncover the nuances of your manufacturing and product development process, identifying inefficiencies and areas for improvement. With a keen focus on PDM and PLM, we ensure that your data is not just managed but optimized to support seamless product development cycles. Our consultancy extends beyond advice, offering hands-on training to equip your team with the skills needed to implement best practices in data management and product development.

Real-World Impact: A Manufacturing Consultant at Work

Imagine reducing your product development cycle time by 30% or cutting costs significantly while enhancing product quality. That’s the real-world impact KETIV’s manufacturing consultants have achieved for our clients. Through meticulous analysis, strategic planning, and the implementation of cutting-edge PDM and PLM technologies, we’ve helped businesses streamline their operations, improve collaboration among teams, and bring innovative products to market faster and more efficiently.

“Cloacina’s 5-year partnership with KETIV is strong and my experience with KETIV has been excellent. The configuration service for this project was completed on schedule and was smoothly implemented. KETIV has provided software, training, excellent technical support and great customer service. Thanks to the KETIV technician and other supporting team members.”


The Essential Value of Manufacturing Consultants

Bring in the experts that can bring you to the next level.

Staying ahead means embracing change and innovation with a PLM consulting service. Our manufacturing consultants are at the forefront of this transformation, guiding you through the complexities of digitalization. By integrating sophisticated PDM and PLM solutions, we not only optimize your product lifecycle management but also empower your teams to focus on what they do best: innovating and developing products that set you apart in the marketplace. With KETIV Technologies, you gain more than just consulting services; you gain a strategic ally committed to your success.

KETIV Virtual Academy
KETIV Virtual Academy is a live, interactive, and free learning experience for design and engineering professionals looking to gain a technical edge.

Meet KETIV’s Consulting Team

Simulation Team

Snigdha Sarkar
Simulation Practice Leader

Graham Stevens
Application Engineer, Simulation

Devin Prescott
Senior Application Engineer

Design Automation Team

Christine Bonney
Senior Solutions Architect

Eric Paul
Senior Application Engineer

Tiffany Hayden
Application Developer

Data Management Team

Jose Paredes-Clara
Data Management Application Engineer

Donny Hayes
Vault / PLM Application Engineer

Jason Courtemanche
Data Management Architect

Sales Configuration / CPQ Team

Nathan Eliason
Technical Solutions Specialist

Joshua McBride
Senior CPQ Solutions Architect

Anthony R. Rodriguez
CPQ Solutions Implementer

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