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By assessing your manufacturing company’s current systems and processes, KETIV’s manufacturing consulting can help you identify areas that can be enhanced through digitalization and manufacturing strategy, such as sales automation, design process automation, advanced manufacturing, simulation, CAD standards, AutoCAD service, and catered technology solutions.

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The tools and structure of your business are already in place, now you are looking to move onto the next level of expertise that cannot be found in-house. You could use expert manufacturing consulting services to help you maximize operational efficiency and achieve sustainable growth, allowing for greater focus on what your team and talent are best at.

“We want to be the best. We want the equipment for our customer to be exactly what they need, and how they need it, so that it makes their process the best process that they have.”

“KETIV doesn't just give us a tool. They look at our problems, they help us with a solution, and then they execute it flawlessly.”

Product Data Management (PDM) & Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) consulting

KETIV’s PDM (product data management) consulting services help manufacturers develop a system and strategy using digital transformation to manage all their product-related and manufacturing process information in one place. PLM (product lifecycle management) takes it enterprise wide, ensuring management of product data across the entire lifecycle and organization for the best process improvement possible. These practices ensure data integrity, improves decision-making processes, and enables effective collaboration between cross-functional teams to launch better quality products, faster.

Data management solutions from KETIV

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TOMRA Fresh Foods | Compac

KETIV's PDM/PLM experts

Phil Steiger
Data Management Practice Lead at KETIV

Jose Paredes-Clara
Data Management Application Engineer

Addam Boord
Application Engineer, Managed Services

“We were looking for a partner not just for managing technology and servers but that could help us find and utilize solutions to our problems.”

Advanced design and design automation consulting

Leverage advanced design techniques to optimize product development, accelerate time-to-market, and automate engineering processes with our manufacturing consulting services. There are many ways KETIV helps mature and automate design: This includes using the most modern computer-aided design (CAD) software, transitioning to 3D modeling, assembly based design, implementing design libraries, product configuration and CAD automation. We can work with existing tools, introduce best-in-class software, or custom script a solution that will work for your particular product design methodology and operation.

Advanced design and automation solutions from KETIV

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“The solutions that we're developing with KETIV are very cool. It's something that the space we're work in hasn't seen before…it's a differentiator.”

KETIV's design and automation experts

Phil Steiger
Data Management Practice Lead at KETIV

Christine Bonney
Senior Solutions Architect

Eric Paul
Senior Application Engineer

Cameron Whetten
Application Engineer

Justin Cao
Application Engineer

Simulation and design validation

Through digital simulations and validation processes, KETIV assists companies in analyzing and optimizing product designs and manufacturing processes. Ensure that your products are developed and manufactured with the highest quality and meet customer requirements. Leverage KETIV's recognized simulation experts to get that next product design validated, as an extension of your design team, or we can help transform your own designers into simulation software experts.

FEA Consulting by KETIV
Simulation solutions from KETIV

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KETIV's simulation experts

Snigdha Sarkar
Simulation Practice Leader

Graham Stevens
Application Engineer, Simulation

“It's been a great relationship and we plan on continuing to grow... we're hoping to move in the next year... to a new facility that will make room for bigger, better manufacturing.”

Configuration and sales automation

KETIV's manufacturing consultants implement guided sales tools that provide a controlled and streamlined buying process. You can serve customers faster, train sales people easier, and improve the close rate and margin on deals. Our dedicated team provides continuous improvement in the sales process through implementing world-class Tacton CPQ (configure, price and quote) and Design Automation to revolutionize the sales and engineering services for both customers and employees.

Sales automation solutions from KETIV

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Nucor Warehouse Systems

“KETIV doesn't just give us a tool. They look at our problems, they help us with a solution, and then they execute it flawlessly.”

KETIV's sales automation experts

Nathan Eliason
Technical Solutions Specialist

Joshua McBride
Senior CPQ Solutions Architect

Brandon Eliason
Application Engineer Intern

Anthony R. Rodriguez
CPQ Solutions Implementer

Advanced manufacturing

KETIV's consultants identify opportunities with innovative solutions to implement CAM automation, CNC, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, and robotics, enabling businesses to improve production process efficiency, reduce costs, and meet customer demands with greater flexibility and immediacy in the manufacturing industry.

Advanced manufacturing solutions from KETIV

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“Fusion 360 was simple to use and allowed us to model our first face shield in just 3 days. This even included the learning time from online sources, such as KETIV’s Autodesk Virtual Academy (AVA).”

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