5 Data Management Best Practices for Manufacturers

If you’re surrounded by data but starving for real insight, this eBook is for you.

Your data is a uniquely valuable resource. It’s the source code for your products, the thread that connects your teams, the key to improved efficiency, and a window into the future. In short: Data is everything, and how you manage yours defines your business in the digital era.

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While some businesses lack the high-quality data required to compete in high-stakes industries, manufacturers tend to have data in abundance. The problem is it’s poorly managed, which hinders efficiency, collaboration, and R&D rather than fueling it.

This Complete Guide is for manufacturers that want to transform their data into a competitive advantage. It’s for those that want to use data to streamline and automate sales, engineering, and the shop floor, free up capacity to focus on innovation, and surpass the sky-high expectations of today’s buyers.

Topics Covered:

  • How Product Configuration Software Creates a Digital Thread
  • Engineering Data Management as the Backbone of Manufacturing
  • What is Advanced Manufacturing Without Data Management
  • Integrating People, Processes, and Systems to Drive End-to-End Digital Manufacturing
  • Winning at Engineering Data: Introducing Cloud PLM
Download the 5 Data Management Best Practices for Manufacturers