Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing
We've put together a list of advanced manufacturing related videos, blogs and upcoming events, all created and hosted by our certified advanced manufacturing experts!
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How can KETIV help with your advanced manufacturing processes?

With a variety of Experts Certified in Advanced Materials Analysis, Computer Aided Manufacturing and Fusion Lifecycle, KETIV is equipped to empower your teams.

advanced manufacturing

Software Implementation and Training

CAM, Nesting, 3D Printing and Custom Post Processors

Factory Optimization

Transformation & Process Mentoring

Generative Design Workshops

Adaptive Work Environment Using Simulation

Integration of Systems and Equipment

Technology Health Checks

Advanced manufacturing webinars

What's New in Moldflow 2021 | Autodesk Virtual Academy
Increase Functionality With the Autodesk Manufacturing Portfolio | Webinar
Deep Dive into Fusion 360's Manufacturing Extensions | AVA: Fusion 360

Plastics 101 Webinar Series

Plastics 101: Part 1
Plastics 101: Part 2
Plastics 101: Part 3
Plastics 101: Part 4

Meet KETIV’s Certified Advanced Manufacturing Team

Brian Mongkolpoonsuk
Customer Success Manager

With an Advanced CAM Certification in FeatureCAM, Brian is both an Application Engineer and Customer Success Manager, responsible for the success of KETIV’s Streamline clients.
I’m here to ensure you receive maximum value from your partnership with KETIV. Please consider me your long-term strategic partner, helping you leverage KETIV resources and teaming up with you and your team to continue moving toward your short-term and long-term goals. I will oversee your onboarding and provide ongoing guidance throughout our partnership.

Jason Peters
Government Sales Executive

As KETIV’s Government Sales Executive, Jason helps KETIV’s advanced manufacturing clients innovate and achieve their desired business and mission outcomes.

Long Ngo
Manager of Subscription Management

As the Manager of Subscription Management, Long believes that the future of making things is here now, and he can help you embrace it. Long works with customers to help them renew their software subscriptions, and ensure they are making the most of their investment.
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Advanced manufacturing blogs

Autodesk’s Repackaging Announcement: Fusion 360 with FeatureCAM
Autodesk’s repackaging for Fusion 360 and FeatureCAM software announcement brings new means of agile and collaborative work to manufacturing. Autodesk has introduced the new package of Fusion 360 & FeatureCAM software With Autodesk’s ongoing commitment and investment to advanced manufacturing,…
Deep Dive into Fusion 360’s Manufacturing Extensions
For years, Autodesk has been a leader in transforming the Manufacturing industry. Those who use Autodesk products are always looking for more efficient ways to take their product from concept to manufacturing. With feedback from customers and identifying pain points…
A Collaboration of Additive Manufacturing and Generative Design: The Next Generation Seat Frame
The collaboration with Andy Harris, Andreas Bastian and Aristo Cast has proved to be a phenomenal project that exemplifies new techniques of design and manufacturing. With Andy Harris’ aircraft seat frame aimed at meeting design objectives for carriage capacity and…
3D Printing in Fusion 360
What to know about Fusion 360 3d Printing In a world where subtractive manufacturing (CNC) has been the focus, advancements in 3D Printing has led to a transition towards additive manufacturing; that’s why we introduced to Fusion 360 3D Printing….