Autodesk’s Repackaging Announcement: Fusion 360 with FeatureCAM


Autodesk’s repackaging for Fusion 360 and FeatureCAM software announcement brings new means of agile and collaborative work to manufacturing.

Autodesk has introduced the new package of Fusion 360 & FeatureCAM software

With Autodesk’s ongoing commitment and investment to advanced manufacturing, they are integrating strategic, next generation workflows that are unmatched in the industry.

They have recently announced that they will be repackaging FeatureCAM under the Fusion 360 brand. For years, Fusion 360 has provided its users with the access to their data in a connected, flexible, and seamless way. While FeatureCAM software has empowered engineers to reduce programming time and increase consistency for a range of CNC applications.

This new packaging positions you to work in new ways so you can begin to take advantage of the next generation workflows available in Fusion 360 with FeatureCAM.

Learn more about Fusion 360 with FeatureCAM

Why is this change important?

The fact that the infrastructure for Fusion 360 is recent, allows Autodesk to manipulate and customize the software in a form that may not be possible in some of their more mature products.

The original idea behind Fusion 360 was to combine all the lessons Autodesk had learned from their flagship product, Autodesk Inventor. Autodesk addressed those challenges and capitalized on the ongoing merging between the design and manufacturing world.

In other words, they have created Fusion 360 with the end task in mind—re-imagining the product development process and providing people with access to their data in a seamless way. With the combination of Fusion 360 and FeatureCAM, users can get much more benefits.

What does this mean for FeatureCAM users?

  • Customers will now have access to broader tools across design and manufacturing
  • They’ll have access to technology that’s previously been delivered separately
  • Advancements in cloud computing will provide manufacturing a more collaborative approach
  • Customers can continue to access technology they are currently using today as well as take advantage of technology that can shape their work tomorrow

In conclusion

Change, regardless of what it is, can always be confusing and frustrating, that’s why we’re standing by ready to answer all of your questions. If you would like more information on what this means for your business, how this repackaging can benefit you, or pricing questions, feel free to reach out.

If you still have any questions, contact us here or comment below.

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2 replies to “Autodesk’s Repackaging Announcement: Fusion 360 with FeatureCAM

    1. Hi Clem, great question! This rebranding was not meant for FeatureCAM to replace the Manufacturing workspace inside of Fusion 360. It is a move that now gives FeatureCAM users access to another tool as opposed to before when FeatureCAM was sold as a standalone software. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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