Generative Design

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Deliver better products faster, at a lower cost with Generative Design

Quickly generate high-performing design alternatives—many that you’d never think of on your own—from a single idea. With generative design, there is no single solution; instead, there are multiple great solutions. You choose the design that best fits your needs. The best part? We’re making the Fusion 360 generative design subscriptions accessible at a game-changing price point of $200 USD per month.

As you can see in the chart below, generative design subscriptions still allow for the same unlimited generation of outcomes and the creation of editable Fusion 360 designs.

Generative Design Extension – Subscription Pricing
Annual – Unlimited Access$1,600 USD/year
Monthly – Unlimited Access$200 USD/month

Generative Design Articles and Videos

Building Skills for the Generative Design Future
What are the skills for the future of Autodesk generative design? When I started out as a mechanical designer at Hollywood Film Company, the first thing my manager did was put me to work on the company’s assembly line. I…
Human Innovation and Computer Automation with Generative Design
Today, engineers and designers are the innovators of tomorrow, but this comes as no easy task. They face many challenges when coming up with solutions, ranging from finding the right balance between performance and cost to having limited time to…
Autodesk Generative Design: The Next Wave of Intelligent Design Automation
Autodesk Generative Design is shaping the future of intelligent design automation and empowering teams to deliver innovation and productivity The way things are designed, made, and used is changing at lightning speed, and the pressure to get to market with…
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