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KETIV Technologies Boosted to Ansys Elite Channel Partner

KETIV Technologies is pleased to announce its promotion to Ansys Elite Channel Partner. KETIV is joining a select group of partners with the world’s leading engineering simulation software. As an Elite Channel Partner, KETIV gains access to the full range of Ansys simulation software, enabling the company to better serve manufacturing customers and handle their […]
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5 Ways to Boost SOLIDWORKS® Outcomes with Quote, CAD, and BOM Automation

Why Automation for SOLIDWORKS? Configuring and customizing complex products can be time-consuming and error-prone. But with the right tools, you can streamline your SOLIDWORKS® workflows, improve accuracy, and create better and more numerous designs in less time. 1. Supercharge Your Designs Rule-based configuration, automated parts lists, 3D visualization, and CAD file generation can make a […]
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Why Digital Transformation Is Important

Ah, “digital transformation.” The go-to term for those who want to sound up-to-date on all the latest digital trends without actually having to understand them. Toss that expression into the conversation and watch heads start nodding. Is “digital transformation” a buzzword? Yes. Do business leaders use it to impress their investors, employees, and customers without […]
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4 Must-Have Tools to Digitally Transform Your Manufacturing Business in 2023

In our recent article on “The 5 Biggest Trends in Manufacturing for 2023,” we outlined the fundamental shifts occurring in the digital manufacturing industry and discussed short- and long-term trends.  As a reminder, these five trends were: A Struggling Economy: Recession or no recession, economic activity will slow in H1 2023. High inflation will increase […]
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Using Simulation as Digital Evidence for FDA Approval

Simulation can be used in a variety of ways in medical device applications. These include performing in silico (virtual) device testing or as part of algorithms within software embedded inside a device. Simulation provides multiple benefits for the medical device industry and the patients it serves. Unsurprisingly, considering these benefits (all of which we cover […]
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5 Benefits of Scalable Design You Need to Know About

Are your design engineers struggling to keep up with the increasing demands of your customers? Is your business being held back by inflexible and outdated product design processes? If so, a scalable design approach could be the answer you’ve been looking for, helping you increase productivity, agility, and product quality, all while reducing costs. This […]
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The 5 Biggest Trends in Manufacturing in 2023

The manufacturing industry faces several challenges in 2023 amid an already sluggish economy. Inflation, supply chain disruption, a retiring workforce, labor shortage, and high customer demand signal tough times ahead. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Leading manufacturers are flipping challenges into opportunities, accelerating digital transformation, and modernizing their working environments for the next […]
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Innovative Design for Manufacturing: Cutting Edge Techniques for Better Performing Products

Are you worried that one of the following challenges could destroy your company’s bottom line over the next five to ten years?  Global competition is hotting up: Access to the internet and the removal of trade barriers have made it easier for offshore competitors to produce better products, enter your market, and steal your clients. […]
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Uncovering the Surprising Insights from Autodesk’s New Usage Data: Why CAD Admins Are Loving KETIV’s Reporting Tool 

First, the facts: Autodesk has recently expanded software usage reporting for standard licenses that were previously only available with Premium Plan. This means contract managers/software admins now have visibility into what licenses are being used, how often, what version, etc. in their Autodesk Portal: Second, I’m shocked. A diligent search for this news revealed […]
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Sustainable Product Development: Leveraging Simulation Software for a Greener Future

What is Sustainability?  The word “sustainability” can bring to mind many different aspects for the majority of people. You may consider wind farms, recycling, electric vehicles, or planting trees — but it is truly all that and more. Sustainability encompasses everything necessary to meet our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to […]
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A Quick Guide to Design Automation Software and CAD Customization

CAD (the use of software to aid in the product design processes for visual product configuration) is resource-intensive across multiple dimensions. It’s slow, laborious, and requires more engineering expertise than many manufacturers can afford to allocate. Talk to any engineer, and they’ll tell you the same. Yes, CAD is a major improvement over drawing with […]
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How Product Configuration Rules and Logic Maintain Manufacturing Accuracy

Product configurators rely on product rules–a collection of definitions that determine a product’s limitations and interactions–to ensure every product is accurate and well-optimized. Without product configuration rules, users would make mistakes or configure outlandish products that could never be manufactured for a profit. When users start configuring products, there might be millions of potential configuration […]
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What Does a Product Configurator Mean to Your Industry?

Every company that manufactures complex products and struggles with transferring data from customers to the factory floor can benefit enormously from having a robust product configurator. But which benefits have the most significant impact on your business varies greatly by industry. Companies that make heavy vehicles will demand different things from their configurators than manufacturers […]
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6 Ways to Propel Your Business Using Digital Manufacturing Technologies

From sales to the shop floor, design to supply chain, and support to simulation, emerging digital manufacturing technologies provide solutions to age-old manufacturing problems.  With the right cocktail of software, systems, and materials, you, too, can increase productivity, efficiency, and safety while significantly reducing costs. You can take on the competition and win a resounding […]
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Real World Learning for Autodesk Inventor with Pinnacle Series

The teams at KETIV are excited about this one! This new tool can help accelerate your skill building within Inventor and your other Autodesk applications. The new Pinnacle Series plug-in for Autodesk Inventor is contextual learning at its finest – learning in real life situations during your daily activities. Check out this quick overview of […]
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Quick tech tips

AutoCAD Electrical Bill of Materials Report Says “No Data to Display”

Discover the solution to address the "No Data to Display" issue in the AutoCAD Electrical Bill of Materials Report. This report specifically showcases components that have been assigned catalog data. If you encounter the absence of data, follow these steps to resolve the issue...
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How to Make a Previous File Version the Latest Version in Vault Professional

Learn how to make a previous file version, the latest version of Vault Professional. Get the steps and watch the video here.
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