A Marketing Intern’s Experience at KETIV


My name is Zoe Walschots and I have been working as a marketing intern at KETIV Technologies over the last few months. My experiences at KETIV as a marketing intern have helped me develop professionally, pushing me closer to my long-term goals.

About Me

I am an incoming junior at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. I am double majoring in both Marketing and Information Systems & Business Analytics (ISBA). I am also a part of a few student organizations, two of which I serve as the Vice President of Marketing and Communications. I am hoping to work for a few years after graduation and ultimately attend graduate school to further study business and earn my MBA.


I started with KETIV in May 2022. I have always seen myself working for a variety of industries as I move through my career, and working for a company in the technology industry has made me want to incorporate this into my future. This internship has been a great professional development experience to wrap up my undergraduate degree. My experience this summer alone has given me great insight into marketing campaigns, website optimization, content creation, and more.

Week in the Life 

During my internship, I have been assigned a series of weekly tasks that I am responsible for completing. One of these is overseeing the weekly KETIV Virtual Academy webinar which includes sending reminder and follow-up emails, video editing, and updating the website. Other weekly tasks include tracking social media growth and creating social content. Our Marketing team also meets weekly to discuss projects we are working on and any areas where we might need support.

Apart from my weekly tasks I have worked on various short and long-term projects during my time with KETIV. Some of my short-term projects include creating social media posts and graphics for marketing campaigns, working on blog content, and updating behind-the-scenes processes. One of the long-term projects I have gotten the chance to work on has been using WordPress to recreate KETIV’s website. I have loved doing this specifically because I feel like I am able to impact the operations of the company as a whole.

My Takeaway

This is my first marketing internship and so far, it has allowed me to obtain amazing experience in my aspired future career. I have been given opportunities to learn different platforms such as HubSpot, Asana, and WordPress and become comfortable with them. Getting to use these softwares has been helpful, and this knowledge will be able to help me with any job, and even school projects. 

I have enjoyed working with a small marketing team because it gives me the opportunity to really be immersed in the marketing operations of the whole company. Being allowed to produce content of my own such as new web pages from scratch and social content for campaigns is something I don’t believe I could have done at another company. I have also felt very supported by not only my team but the entire company. I am encouraged to try anything and ask questions whenever I have them. I look forward to seeing what I will accomplish and learn as I continue my journey with KETIV.

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