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KETIV is an Autodesk Consulting Services Partner, which assures you that we have been trained by Autodesk to apply best practices, implementation systems, and reliable methods. Our support services deliver unparalleled assistance to enhance your business. We are trendsetters in offering a broad array of local services for all types of clients. And through our network of offices we ensure prompt service attuned to real-world needs.

KETIV Support™

When your production comes to a halt the impact can ripple far and wide. When our clients encounter an issue that impedes progress, the support we provide usually produces impressive results, saving valuable time and reducing costs. We offer three levels of support based on your needs—

  • KETIV Email Support is available to all KETIV customers to ensure a smooth installation and setup of your software purchase. Logged, tracked, and answered, this level of support is a great way to access our technical team. Though not as fast or personalized as our other support levels, it provides basic help in the first 30 days after purchase.
  • KETIV Lifeline Support™ offers clients priority access to our Live Help Desk to get answers for application and production issues. In the process they develop a personal relationship with our application engineers. The team is familiar with their business needs and become a knowledgeable addition to the client's staff. KETIV Lifeline™ Phone Support clients also participate in KETIV Lifeline Webinars, our regular web-based meetings to stay close to clients.
  • KETIV Premium Advantage Support™ includes email and phone support listed above, plus quarterly onsite visits to conduct maintenance, install patches and updates, and address usage issues are included. KETIV Premium Advantage Support™ is the best way to discover and address issues before they develop into problems that impact productivity.



All Clients

Lifeline Support

Premium Advantage Support

Ultimate Advantage Support

Email Support
(30 days – and installation help)
  X X X X
Tech Tips   X X X X
Priority Phone Support     X X X
Support Central     X X X
Quarterly Onsite Technical Visits       Up to 4 Up to 4
Subscription to  KETIV AVA     X X X
Free Classroom Training       1 2
Discount for Classroom Training      5% 10% 15%
KETIV Boost         20 Hours
Discount on daily consulting rate         10%
Business Process Assessment         1 Annual Visit

KETIV Tech Tips

Our clients love our online tech tips. Actually, everyone takes advantage of this free service from KETIV. To augment the value of this contribution to the communities we serve, and accelerate your learning, you can search by category, product, and author. Feel free to download any article or forward it to a colleague.

KETIV Support Central™

Our customized online system allows support clients to open a new case, view the status of their support incident, read comments, and obtain and share information online 365/24/7.

View KETIV Support Central On-Demand webcast

KETIV Autodesk Virtual Academy (AVA)

KETIV offers weekly, web-based learning for mechanical design & manufacturing professionals. Topics include tips and tricks, product and workflow instruction, industry news and customer requests. These sessions are delivered by KETIV’s certified instructors, and subject matter experts from Autodesk and the user community.

Every Thursday morning* at 10 a.m. Pacific Time.

* Except Holidays

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Support Services

  • Email Support
  • KETIV Lifeline Support™
  • KETIV Premium Advantage Support™
  • KETIV Ultimate Advantage Support™