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Ansys Virtual Academy - Your Ansys online training

Ansys Virtual Academy - Your Ansys online training

Ansys Virtual Academy presents an exclusive series on all things Simulation. Join us the 2nd Tuesday of the month for free 45-minute sessions covering Ansys training, tips, and all the latest updates you need to grow your skills and accelerate your product development.

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Increased Electronics Reliability via ANSYS Simulation

June 8th at 10:00 AM PT

As electronics are a component of more and more products, the reliability of these components are becoming more important to ensure customer delight and value.  This AVA presents how ANSYS simulation capabilities can help you answer this challenge with your products, to build in durability from the beginning and handle more diverse and complex operating conditions before your first prototype is created.  Electronics reliability simulation reduces time-to-market via the creation of fewer prototypes and product re-design cycles.


We will cover:

  1. Typical electronic failure modes, failure-protection schemes, and regulatory compliance requirements that are commonly used to improve product reliability
  2. How simulation be used to improve electronic reliability
  3. ANSYS electronic reliability simulation tools


In this AVA session, Application Engineer Graham Stevens will introduce ANSYS simulation tools that can address electrical, thermal, mechanical, and co-simulation reliability; and electronic component and system lifetime estimation.

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