Manufacturer’s 5 Biggest Risks to Profitability in 2023

Winners in manufacturing are taking risks and facing issues head-on. Do you know the 5 biggest issues that manufacturing leaders are facing that will impact profitability in 2023 and beyond?
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Part One of the webinar series, “2023 Profitability Playbook: Harnessing Transformational Change”

Ask questions and provide your thoughts in our round table discussion covering the biggest areas of concern for manufacturers, like mitigating supply chain risk, hedging against inflation pressures, and accelerating innovation and time-to-market. Join KETIV’s Director of Marketing, DJ Monzyk, and VP of Sales, Joe Bailey, as they explore the issues getting to the heart of profitability.


About the 2023 Profitability Playbook: Harnessing Transformational Change  Webinar Series

This webinar series is designed to help manufacturers develop tangible strategies and objectives to tackle their biggest challenges. We will look at the 5 core transformational factors that could impact your profitability in 2023 and provide guidance on how to get started. Our experts from KETIV and successful manufacturers who have already implemented positive changes will show you how to create a playbook for your organization’s transformation.

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