Super-Charging Sales Configuration at Spectrum Industries

Join this savvy Sales Leader, as he shares his furniture manufacturing company's innovative journey towards modernizing sales and product configuration for enhanced customer experiences.
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Join Ben Jones, Vice President of Sales at Spectrum Industries, and Anthony Rodriguez, VP at KETIV, for an in-depth discussion on Spectrum Industries’ journey towards modernization. Discover how their team is leveraging new tools and strategies to revolutionize sales and product configuration, providing an improved customer experience across their extensive product catalog.

“We’re working to modernize our manufacturing, and to modernize our company. Customers are getting smarter and their expectations are higher, so we have to lift our game.”
– Ben Jones, VP of Sales at Spectrum Industries

In this session, Ben will share the impact on profitability through the expedited turnaround of proposals, streamlining the path from concept to customer and driving growth at Spectrum Industries. He and Anthony will discuss how Spectrum Industries has accelerated their time to market, rapidly building and adapting product models to meet customer demands and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

The session will cover transformation in Spectrum’s change management—how product models, once seen as fixed entities, are now being confidently and effectively manipulated, empowering the sales team with greater flexibility and insight. We’ll also dive into the pivotal role of transforming talent, as sales people get trained and enabled via a guided sales experience instead of a sink-or-swim approach.

Hear their story and ask questions in this live event format. Don’t miss out on this transformative opportunity to connect, learn, and grow!

Session Presenters

Anthony Rodriguez

Vice President

Anthony’s relationship with KETIV began as a customer. He joined KETIV as an Application Engineer in 2000 and his genuine interest in solving customer problems has earned him respect and loyalty in the community. As co-owner and VP, Anthony is responsible for sales and business development at KETIV.

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