Meet Your KETIV Customer Success Manager

Cole Kellogg

Cole Kellogg

Customer Success Manager
“I’m here to ensure you receive maximum value from your partnership with KETIV. Please consider me your long-term strategic partner, helping you leverage KETIV resources and teaming up with you and your team to continue moving toward your short-term and long-term goals. I will oversee your onboarding and provide ongoing guidance throughout our partnership.”

Frequently Asked Questions

“Is Customer Success the same as Customer Service?”

While Customer Service has been around for a while, Customer Success is fairly new and the two are separate departments. Customer Success is the proactive focus on the customer’s needs, rather than reacting to requests which is where Customer Service is. KETIV belives both departments are extremely vital and key to a stong partnership with customers.

“Does the Customer Success Manager (CSM) take the place of my KETIV Salesperson?”

Not at all! CSM’s are non-transactional which allows us to stay completely focused on helping you gain as much value from what you already have. Our interactions will be around onboarding solutions you’re new to and fully adopting them. However, as your CSM, I can help facilitate discussions with your salesperson should new needs arise and we will work together to ensure you get exactly what you need.

“Who do I email for technical support?”

For support customers we have an awesome KETIV Support Portal where you and your team can directly submit and track cases. Or you can email for technical assistance. And of course, you can always contact your CSM who will pass your request on to the support team for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What do you like most about being a part of the KETIV Team?”

Everyone I know at KETIV is so incredibly knowledgeable about their field of study, while at the same time being great communicators and all-around incredible humans!

“Where were you before KETIV?”

My last CSM position was with a SaaS company that used AI tech to film and analyze soccer game film. There, I helped manage client on-boarding processes, ensuring that expectations & goals were fully met. Our team transitioned a high volume of users from a white-glove service, and I found my passion in helping our customer base fully implement our new cost effective and time-saving product.

“What’s most important to you about being a CSM?”

As a CSM, I’ve learned that I’m passionate about connecting clients to smart solutions that in turn allow them to focus on innovating and delivering top-quality products to their own customers.