KETIV Lifeline

KETIV Lifeline provides continuous learning, guidance, and support to help reduce your organizations downtime and engage your teams


Installation and Licensing
Properly install the products, upgrade to new versions, and activate all licenses
Account Management
Set up your online account, assign users, and understand the products you own
Technical Issues
Provide quick resolution to get you back on track sooner
Upgrade Planning
Plan the upgrade and be available on standby in case you need assistance
System Performance Check
Audit your systems and give tailored recommendations to your organizations

Continuous Learning

Engage your employees and improve retention with flexible and scalable learning depending on your needs.

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KETIV serves the people that serve our people. Whether helping to optimize critical engineering data, or enabling advanced manufacturing capabilities to get aircraft parts fabricated real-time on a base in the Middle East, we bring the manufacturing expertise it takes to succeed.

Jason Peters
Government Sales Executive

As KETIV’s Government Sales Executive, Jason helps KETIV’s advanced manufacturing clients innovate and achieve their desired business and mission outcomes.

Revitalizing American manufacturing for a better tomorrow.