Building Products Manufacturing

Building Products Manufacturing
Save time and money by digitalizing building product design and fabrication. Building products manufacturing and design optimization speeds the path to market and monetization.

The Intersection of Innovation & Efficiency

Building product manufacturing is a competitive industry, and you need to use every tool at your disposal to deliver ongoing value.

Digital solutions like CAD & CAM software allow manufacturers to shorten development cycles while improving the quality and durability of their products.

Shorten Development Cycles
Automate replicable design tasks and enable engineers to collaborate seamless on files.
Simulate Product Issues Before They Occur
Predict how building products will respond to conditions like weather, age, and other environmental stressors.
Improve Reliability and Safety
Reduce risk and improve performance by identifying issues before they occur in the real world.
building products manufacturing

KETIV Delivers Transformative Building Products Manufacturing Solutions Using Best-in-Class Technology

Drive Innovation

Discover new design, automation, and customer experience capabilities to innovate and scale the next big idea.

Accelerate Speed-to-Market

Shortened design cycles and digital risk management means for more focus on what’s important: Getting new and innovative building products in the hands of buyers.

Keep Employees Satisfied

Efficient, collaborative work environments allow engineers the time required to focus on what’s important, rather than slogging through low-value, transactional work (and rework).

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