Provide complete solutions for customers, not just machinery.

Your customers depend on you to make the systems and machines that make their production possible. KETIV can help you make that experience better.

Industrial machinery manufacturers have it tougher.

Like with other manufacturers, there are deep pressures with the supply chain, worker shortages, and strong competition, but you have unique challenges that others don’t.

Speed of Innovation
Long sales cycles, custom engineering, and inefficient production inhibits R&D efforts that spawn better products.
Demand for Customization
Customers want made-to-order, but you seek repeatable design and fabrication wherever possible.
Systems and Servitization
Buyers want to see how the machines will operate in their circumstance and space, and they want to consume in new ways.

Manufacturers win more with frictionless ordering

industrial machinery design
industrial machinery equipment design
machinery manufacturing and design

“We have a unique competitive in our specific marketplace with this solution….we’re the only ones in this space, doing it this way.”

Ready to start selling, designing, and fabricating in a new way?

KETIV can help you to design and build stronger performing, lasting products that serve your customers better.

Propel R&D with design automation, collaboration, and simulation
Leverage 3D design, PLM, automation, and simulation to reduce manual tasks and focus on creating best-in-class designs.
Serve your customers when and how they want
Provide buyers quick and complete configurations with pricing, and increased visibility during production. Enable Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS).
Optimize equipment sustainability
Optimize design cycles so machinery can withstand rigorous and continued use – reducing defects, warranty costs, and preventable waste.
Seamless collaboration from sales to the shop floor
Operate from a single source of truth to simplify product design and respond to customer changes at any phase of the lifecyle.

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