Product Design and Manufacturing

Product Design and Manufacturing

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Automating Dimensions on Drawings

October 25th at 10:00 PST

Trust that your drawings aren’t missing any critical components by automating dimensions in Inventor. The goal is to free yourself from the time you spend checking dimensions so you can focus on your design and get it to the manufacturing floor faster with less back and forth.
If you haven’t already guessed…this session we’ll be showing you how to create dimensions on drawings using Inventor API (Application Programming Interface) and the built in VBA (Visual Basic Application) editor. VBA is a powerful development tool for customizing Inventor and integrating Inventor with other applications and data. It’s also one of the more popular development tools in the world today.
Application Engineer, Eric Paul will be walking you through the following:
  • Automate dimensions on drawings
  • For both Parts and Assemblies
  • Understand the VBA editor and Inventor API help
Applicable for both parts and assemblies, this process will help you complete drawings quickly and accurately, all while saving time, avoiding errors and staying consistent.

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