What’s New in Autodesk Vault 2020


Autodesk Vault 2020: What’s new?

Much like with previous releases, many improvements have stemmed from user feedback and requests on the Autodesk Knowledge Network. Those include enhancements to the Copy Design environment, and design documentation and collaboration.

If you have not followed us before, Vault has made some great updates in 2019. This year, they have been making even great features like copying design improvements, PDF publishing enhancements, etc.

UPDATE: Since the release of Vault 2020, additional updates have been released. You can read about the updates here: https://blogs.autodesk.com/vault/2019/08/whats-new-in-vault-2020-1/

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Vault 2020: Copy Design Improvements

Some of the biggest enhancements in Autodesk Vault 2020 are in the Copy Design environment. You can change to the User Interface to simplify the workflow. What’s more, you can now export files from the Copy Design dialog using the Export command in the File menu. The new Copy Branch To operation allows the user to copy a complete branch to a specific folder while keeping the original folder structure intact.

PDF Publishing Enhancements

In Vault 2020, PDFs can be configured to sync with their source files, so they have the same Lifecycle State and Revision as the source. You can create the PDFs at any lifecycle state in this release of Vault. Previously, users could only create PDFs at the “Released” lifecycle state. This is a big improvement from previous releases. It also enhances PDF underlay support with AutoCAD files and allows publication of PDF files outside of Vault. Moreover, it improves design documentation workflow.

Streamline Internal Collaboration

The Vault Client now works with Inventor Read-Only Mode. Files may now be opened with either Inventor View or Inventor Read-Only Mode. The Vault Thin Client, another important collaboration tool, now supports browsers other than Internet Explorer. Vault 2020 supports the installation of standalone language packs that allows users to set their individual UI to a preferred language.

Vault-BIM 360 Connectivity

Project Sync in Vault 2020 vastly improves design collaboration between users that may not necessarily be part of the same company or network. This new feature provides a secure way for users to share design data between Autodesk Vault and BIM 360. Project Sync allows users to directly transfer files to and from Vault and BIM 360, and configure specific folders to automatically sync both ways.


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