Autodesk AutoCAD Software

Autodesk AutoCAD
The world’s most popular CAD platform simplifies 2D drafting and documentation and now expands its power with specialized toolsets such as MEP, Architecture, Plumbing and P&ID, all in one…
Autodesk AutoCAD Software

Key Features

Unlock the limitless possibilities of computer-aided design with Autodesk AutoCAD, the premier CAD software trusted by designers, engineers, architects, and construction professionals worldwide. Whether you’re diving into precise 2D drawings or exploring the exciting realm of 3D modeling, AutoCAD has all the tools and specialized toolsets you need for seamless, industry-specific design, drafting, and collaboration.

Specialized Toolset

Not only can you use General AutoCAD for your 2D drafting, but now leverage one AutoCAD to use industry-specific toolsets on top of AutoCAD specifically made for Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and Architectural designers. From Civil 3D for civil engineers to Plant 3D for plant designers, AutoCAD’s industry-specific tools ensure that you have the right instruments at your disposal. These tools not only enhance your efficiency but also enable you to create accurate CAD drawings and 3D modeling, facilitating collaboration and innovation within your field.

Extensive 2D Documentation

Clearly document your design intent by using the most intuitive and widely used 2D drafting software.  With a wide array of tools at your disposal, you can easily generate 2D geometry, from smart blocks to precise 2D design elements, meeting industry-specific standards. AutoCAD’s specialized 2D drawing features are particularly valuable for interior designers, architects, and construction professionals who rely on clear and detailed documentation to bring their projects to life.

Connected Platform

As the most widely used CAD platform, AutoCAD can now be used to collaborate with the rest of the Autodesk Portfolio. With AutoCAD’s integration into the Autodesk suite of products and Autodesk Docs, you can effortlessly collaborate with team members and stakeholders. This connected platform ensures that project data and insights are readily available, enhancing productivity and reducing errors.

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