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by Jose Paredes, October 31, 2019

How to Facilitate Internal and External Collaboration within your Organization 

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Collaboration within your organization can sometimes cause confusion and slow down the production of new files. Whether visibility into what someone else on the team is working on, or outside engineers not being able to access the design data that they need, Autodesk Vault has ways of ensuring that collaboration works smoothly.

Vault ensures that information about the data is available for the users to view, one of the most important pieces of information is who is currently editing the files located in Autodesk Vault. With Autodesk Vault’s Check in and Check out system you can guarantee that there is only one user has editing privileges, and with Vault’s properties any user can view a file and establish who is working on it all times.

While most of the time the data that is being handled is design data, that may include some file types that are not necessarily CAD files. Vault has the capabilities to handle non-CAD data and track it in the same environment where CAD data exists, keeping both together allows for an easier way to track all the relevant information.

While most of the data stored in Vault is available to the necessary teams, there are instances where an outside team needs access to design data, sometimes this data ends up being outdated or is sent out in inefficient ways. Vaults integration with Fusion Team allows for users that are part of outside teams to only have access to the files that they require. Vault allows for collaboration among all teams and can be leveraged to create a streamlined process in creating new products.

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