Autodesk Virtual Academy: Sheet Metal Unfold Rules


Autodesk Virtual Academy: Sheet Metal Unfold Rules

For those who took the time to view my AVA on Sheet Metal Unfold Rules I wanted to give you a little extra to go along with it.

You can find that video here: ketiv-ava-autodesk-sheet-metal-tutorial

First of all,

I have a couple of extras for you. The Inventor IPT file (Inventor 2018 format) has the DIN 6935 formula in it. ALso, it has the Bend Allowance formula from Machinery’s Handbook bend allowances already added in as Unfold Rules. What’s more, you can use those as a starting point for your own rules and you can find them attached here.


A few resources that I’ve found useful over the years include:


I’ve attached a quick word document that has all the formulas and examples from my presentation: KETIV AVA – Sheet Metal Unfold Rules Equations

In this document, you will be familiarized with common bend parameters like thickness, inside radius, etc. Also, you can learn how to calculate lengths of unfolded bends, bend deduction, and common unfold rules.

Happy Bending!

Matt Bussey

Senior Solution Architect

KETIV Technologies (

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