Autodesk is currently rolling out a new interface on the Autodesk Management Portal as described in these videos: Autodesk Account Admin Tour (4min) and What’s New in Autodesk Account.

We thought it would be helpful to cover a few common questions and concerns:

  • Who will be affected by this change?
  • What has changed and why?
  • What are these new features?
    • Subscription Expiration Alerts
    • Primary Admin and Secondary Admin
    • Reporting Tools
  • Anything I need to do before the change?

We will provide you with Autodesk support on this issue today.

Who will be affected by this change?

Subscribers with single-user access products will be switched to the new account portal interface by January 2020.  Your Contract Manager (Primary Admin) will be notified of said change via email notifying you that your account has been changed.

  • You will be able to tell if you have the new interface if you see new options on the left-hand side for “By User” and “By Product”.

  • However, this change will not affect multi-user/network licenses.
  • If you have a hybrid of all of single-user and multi-user products, then you will see a hybrid of the interface with a “Classic User Management” option.

  • This transition should not interrupt service.
  • The Contract Manager (now Primary Admin) and the Software Coordinator (now Secondary Admin) are the only people that will experience these changes.
  • It will automatically add existing assigned users to the new portal.  You will need to add any new people you want to assign to a product in the new method in the link above.
  • Any new seats with new Contract Managers will likely be in this new interface from the start.

What has changed and Why?

Products now must be explicitly assigned to a user account before the product can be activated.  Products can no longer be activated with serial numbers.

In the Classic User Management, the system already created and assigned licenses for the users. If there were multiple contracts it was a challenge to tell how many licenses were remaining and who was assigned to which licenses.

Meanwhile, in the new method, you still add users, but now you can easily tell which products are assigned to a user, the number of seats available and also look at the product and see who is assigned to a certain product.

In short, if you have a seat available, the system will assign the seat, making the whole process much simpler.

What are these new tools and features in Autodesk Management Portal?

Subscription Expiration Alerts

You will now see Subscription alerts right on your dashboard.  Allowing you to see products that require attention.

Primary and Secondary Admins

Your Contract Managers & Software Coordinators now become Primary Administrator and Secondary Administrators respectively.

Now, you will be able to change and add as many Secondary Administrators as needed per this link:

Note:  Your Reseller will no longer be able to change the Software Coordinator, now called Secondary Admin, for these types of products.

Reporting Tools

Starting July, 2019, customers who have this new subscription experience will now have additional reporting tools which provide useful insight to your product utilization.

Reporting Tools Video (2:40 min)

Subscription/Contract Reports

Your Primary Admin (Contract Manager) in Autodesk management portal will still be able to see your contracts and serial numbers under the Subscriptions option. Here you can export contracts and serial numbers if needed.

Anything I need to do before the change?

The report of users and which serial numbers and contract assigned will no longer be available. In Autodesk management portal, if you feel you need that, you export this information to keep for your records, before the change in “User Management” section of the “Classic User Interface”.

Primary Admin can also request an Autodesk Asset Report either through their reseller at any time to get the most up to date information for their company.

We have had a few companies that have traditionally kept tract of their assigned contracts and serial numbers.  They may have financial or legal reasons that they must keep this information separated.  Since the system does not show the contract numbers at the user level, they must continue to use a spreadsheet to manage which users belong to which contracts.  The asset report can be a good starting place for this type of organization. Please let us know if you are having this challenge or need assistance in setting up this type of spreadsheet.

We are standing by ready to help if you still have questions about this process. Please contact our Support team and they can assist you.
You can contact our team by emailing or calling 1-866-465-3848.


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