by Jorge Fernandez, November 2, 2016

Recap: Vault Care 101 Workshop

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 Autodesk Vault Maintenance

KETIV Technologies held a Vault Care 101 Workshop in our Brea, CA offices on Thursday, October 27th. Customers and Autodesk Virtual Academy subscribers were among those that attended the free event.

This workshop highlighted functionalities of Autodesk Vault as well as how to maintain your Vault to prevent data loss and downtime. Take a look at what was discussed and download a free whitepaper on lessons taught in this workshop.

5-Minute Overview

For a quick overview on what was taught in the workshop, check out this video.

For those of you who don’t know, Vault is Autodesk’s Data Management tool. It safely stores and organizes your files while keeping any and all file references and connections. Many of our customers leverage this tool to keep track of thousands of files, and it is imperative that you do everything you can to prevent catastrophic failures from occurring. 

The Workshop

The session started out by going over some basics about how Vaults are configured and the necessary steps one needs to take to ensure your data, both CAD and non-CAD files, remain safely stored and saved in your Vault. 

The presentation was not limited to maintenance and Vault Care. Attendees were welcome to bring their own questions about workflows, systems requirements, content center libraries, and more. 

Examples of such preventative maintenance presented are: 

  • Ensuring backups are running and valid
  • Maintaining sufficient drive space for your Vault and backups
  • Doing periodic SQL server maintenance
  • Data re-indexing, defragmentation, and purging

Up next was Nathan Eliason – also a KETIV Engineer. This was Nathan’s second presentation of the day, as he had presented hours before for our weekly Autodesk Virtual Academy webcast. 

Nathan demonstrated some Vault Professional capabilities and some features Vault admins can utilize to make working within the Vault easier for the end-user. If you don’t already know, there are 3 tiers of Autodesk Vault: Basic, Workgroup, and Professional. Vault Professional takes care of everything the other tiers do while adding Bill of Material Management, ECOs, ERP integration, and more. 

One major aspect of Vault usage is lifecycles and change orders. You can utilize such tools to document a project’s progress from beginning to end and to easily change components, assemblies, and documents. 

Free Vault Care 101 Whitepaper

If you missed out and want to learn more, let us know! Simply fill out the form and you’ll receive a free whitepaper going over what was taught at the workshop. You will also be given the chance to schedule a free one-hour session with the team to go over everything you missed – including an audit of Vault in your organization.

Our team at KETIV understands that your Vault database is crucial in terms of keeping your business up and running. As a service to our customers, we offer Lifeline with Vault Care. With this, our dedicated team of experts maintain your Vault for you on a quarterly basis. In addition, you get everything included in our regular Lifeline Support offering: installation and activation, one-on-one phone and remote support, as well as making sure your deployment is optimally configured to your needs.

Watch this short interview with Kevin from JWC Environmental on his experience at the workshop. 

Stay tuned for more in-house workshops on topics like simulation, automation, and more! 

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