Vault Automation Reduces Manual Tasks and Time to Market for Bauer Compressors

About Bauer Compressors

Bauer Compressors has been manufacturing high pressure compressors for over 70 years. They are recognized as the world’s foremost innovative designer and manufacturer of high-pressure compressor systems and accessories. They specialize in the markets of high pressure breathing air products, GSA/military breathing air products, industrial air and gas products, plastics technology, natural gas, and inert gas compression.

Industry: Industrial Air Compressors
Location: Norfolk, Virginia

The Challenge

When Cactus Varied Industries met KETIV at a trade show, they were looking for a new and dynamic partner to work with to manage their design software. As a division of one of the world’s largest cattle feeding companies, Cactus Varied Industries is a commercial mass manufacturer of agricultural and construction systems. The portion of their business that is focused on cattle feeding is primarily project focused, while the construction equipment portion is centered around mass production. This makes their software needs unique since they require these two business segments to run parallel to one another. 

“We have saved way more time than it cost to put the automation in place even a few months after the project was completed.”

The Solution

Bauer found KETIV through their free weekly webinar series, Autodesk Virtual Academy (AVA) on YouTube. This is where they were introduced to automation and decided to approach KETIV with their problem.

KETIV created automation that works with Vault Professional using coolOrange’s Powerjobs Extension, this automation passes files of specific sheet metal parts to a location specified by Bauer. The file is then picked up by their external nesting software to be used during the cutting process for the part. This functionality is triggered on specific lifecycle transitions in Vault, which guarantees that the correct version of these parts are being manufactured. Prior to the integration, the program would attempt to look at all files and revisions, causing both it and Vault to crash.


The Result

Bauer was able to automate their nesting capabilities and free up time for their laser programs and move onto other projects. Michael Lerch, CAD Systems Administrator said, “We have saved way more time than it cost to put the automation in place even a few months after the project was completed.” Bauer’s overall goal of implementing new technology and automating processes has enabled system connection with nesting software improving their time to market.

What’s Next

Bauer has enjoyed collaborating with KETIV, where the automation solution was built, to make sure it met the requirements of the organization. Bauer is taking another look at their technology pool and manual tasks to continue to automate and integrate processes across the organization.

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