Simulation Drives Increasing Value in the Med-Tech Industry

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Join us and our distinguished guest speaker, Mark Palmer, MD, PhD, who was recently Research Director in the Corporate Strategic Scientific Operations group at Medtronic, and now supports the Office of the CTO at Ansys as Senior Chief Technologist for Healthcare to learn how medical device simulation has emerged as a critical tool in revolutionizing modern healthcare.

See how Ansys’s important work in medical device simulation is revolutionizing the treatment of patients and reaching them faster than ever before.

Key topics that were covered during the event included:

  • Introduction to medical device simulation
  • Strategies for leveraging Ansys simulation to accelerate ethical approvals made by the FDA
  • Case studies illustrating how simulation can improve patient outcomes while reducing risks by leveraging in-silico simulation by Ansys
  • Q&A session with Mark Palmer, MD, Ph.D.

Witness the advancement of medical device innovation and patient care, where Ansys and KETIV reside at the cutting-edge of medicine and manufacturing.