Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing with Autodesk Advanced Solutions

Brought to you by KETIV, DLT and Autodesk, we’re demonstrating how to capitalize on the benefits of advanced manufacturing by using the right Autodesk tools for the job. We’ll be utilizing PowerMill, FeatureCAM and NetFabb to explore additive and subtractive manufacturing for achieving design freedom.

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May 3rd at 10:00 AM PST

Free Yourself from Traditional Manufacturing

Additive and subtractive manufacturing enable you to design innovative and fully functional products without the setbacks of traditional manufacturing methods. Using PowerMill will give you additional benefits through the creation of subtractive processes downstream, allowing you to complete parts in a single, hybrid workflow.

Combining additive and subtractive processes within PowerMill, lets you expand your manufacturing opportunities. Innovative solutions include the ability to make parts faster in all sectors.

In addition to a PowerMill demonstration, Autodesk presenters Blaine Duke and Justin Ferguson will highlight FeatureCAM and NetFabb tools for optimizing additive manufacturing designs to help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve part performance.

Join us for a session all about giving you the power to uncover a whole new array of opportunities that never existed before.


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