KETIV DataBridge for Tacton Software

Integrate sales, order, and engineering data across the company
Tap into the full value of your Tacton CPQ investment with integration across purchasing, design, and fabrication lifecycles to fully connect your manufacturing process.

No more months-long integrations. Be connected in a matter of weeks.

KETIV DataBridge for Tacton CPQ allows your teams to seamlessly share and receive data, files, and processes with any enterprise application supported with a DataBridge Connector. Eliminate data silos, extend the digital thread, and take digital transformation to the next level.

Rapid integration with pre-built connector recipes

To accelerate time-to-value and minimize customization, KETIV DataBridge for Tacton provides pre-built connector recipes to support common scenarios such as sharing customer accounts, pricing, submitting orders, and generating CAD and BOM.
Generate and share BOM to ERP
KETIV DataBridge seamlessly integrates with your configuration process, enabling automated generation and transmission of part and assembly data to your ERP platform. Upon product configuration, the necessary information is collected, prepared, and securely transmitted through KETIV DataBridge’s robust data exchange hub, ensuring a seamless flow of information to your ERP system.
Tap into Customer Data
Eliminate the hassle of maintaining customer data across multiple systems. KETIV DataBridge connects your CRM’s comprehensive customer and prospect data directly to your CPQ instance. With a single source of truth, you can effortlessly retrieve up-to-date customer information while generating new quotes, streamlining the process and minimizing redundant efforts.
Dynamic Pricing from ERP
Achieve pricing consistency and accuracy across your applications with KETIV DataBridge. Seamlessly synchronize your pricing data from your dedicated pricing system to your CPQ platform, ensuring that your configured products reflect the most current and precise pricing information. Save valuable time and eliminate the need to manually update multiple systems.
Insight to lead times and materials
KETIV DataBridge offers a range of customizable templates and workflow processes, including lead time synchronization, stock part availability monitoring, and item master retrieval from your ERP systems. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with real-time insights into material availability and expected lead times, optimizing your operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.
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What is KETIV DataBridge?

KETIV DataBridge is an enterprise connectivity solution designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of companies working to integrate their engineering and manufacturing with their entire enterprise.
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