Connecting teams

Synchronize product and manufacturing data across your critical systems.

Eliminate the silos dividing your teams and systems

As a manufacturing company, some of your top concerns are related to disconnected data and processes. Ensuring that critical data is easily accessible across departments, maintaining accurate and up-to-date information, and fostering effective communication and teamwork are essential to maintaining operations and product quality. In order to streamline workflows, reduce errors, and enhance overall efficiency, leaders in our space are implementing robust application integration, which addresses these challenges by connecting disparate systems, enabling seamless data flow, and improving collaboration.

Enable Enterprise Application Integrations for Engineering & Manufacturing

KETIV DataBridge helps engineering and manufacturing companies eliminate data and process silos by connecting enterprise applications. This extends the digital thread to drive connected, end-to-end digital manufacturing.

KETIV DataBridge offers easy plug & play transaction templates and business rules for common operations:

  • Part/BOM release to ERP
  • Document/viewable release
  • Item master retrieval from ERP
  • Supplier synchronization
  • Purchase order synchronization
  • Workflow process triggers

Why KETIV DataBridge?

KETIV DataBridge is an enterprise connectivity solution designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of companies engaged in engineering and manufacturing. KETIV’s approach to application integrations has dramatically simplified the process, expedites time-to-value, and lowers the overall cost of ownership.
Faster Time-to-Value
Product lifecycle activities involve a wide spectrum of applications that typically include CAD, PLM, EIM, ERP, and MES. KETIV DataBridge has anticipated their operational characteristics, infrastructure conditions, and access considerations to aide in significantly accelerating integration deployments.
Lower Cost of Ownership
By leveraging off-the-shelf, industry standard REST application programming interface (API) conventions, organizations are able to adjust quickly yet remain resilient to the inevitable downstream changes in technology trends and business climates.

Featured Applications

KETIV DataBridge for Autodesk Software
Tap into the full value of your Autodesk investment with integration across your project lifecycles and the rest of your business.
KETIV DataBridge for Tacton Software
Tap into the full value of your Tacton CPQ investment with integration across purchasing, design, and fabrication lifecycles to fully connect your manufacturing process.

How does it work?

Realize more connected manufacturing processes.

KETIV DataBridge helps establish a digital thread across the disparate applications that support your entire product lifecycle. KETIV’s unique approach allows for connectivity solutions that are non-disruptive and quick to deploy, while at the same time providing best in class functionality, incredible flexibility, and high value.

Application Connectors

KETIV DataBridge has an ever-growing library of Application Connectors that are preconfigured to seamlessly interact with other connectors, resulting in an integration. Learn more about the distinction between KETIV Application Connectors and Integrations here or explore the available application connectors.

Workflow Framework

KETIV’s workflow framework orchestrates the exchange and transfer of data ranging from parts and BOMS to documents and drawings – and everything in between. The framework allows for truly intelligent integrations with logic, routings, and triggers. This supports configurable transaction templates and endless automation opportunities.

Ready-to-use Transaction Templates

To accelerate time-to-value and minimize customization, KETIV DataBridge provides preconfigured transaction templates to support common scenarios such as part/assembly releases, document releases, metadata federation or change activation. Templates can be combined, customized, or created.

Deploy on Cloud, On-Premises, or Hybrid

KETIV DataBridge has been architected to recognize the reality of varying IT strategies and policies. Whether the applications to be connected operate on-premise or in the cloud, KETIV Connector can be configured to operate securely in all possible configurations.

Synchronous & Asynchronous

The very nature of product data is that BOM structures and associated files can consume significant bandwidth. KETIV DataBridge supports both asynchronous and synchronous data exchange capabilities to enhance the user experience. Modes of operation are configurable in the transaction templates.

Monitoring and Visibility

KETIV DataBridge supports a full range of monitoring processes. This includes transaction logs, error recovery sequences and messaging. Each of these are configurable, can trigger custom processes and activate messaging to individuals and/or other services.

KETIV DataBridge Application Connectors

BIM - Building Information Management

Autodesk BIM 360 Design
Autodesk Revit


Hyperledger Projects
The Graph

CPQ - Configure, Price and Quote

Tacton CPQ

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

EIM - Enterprise Information Management


Electronic Design Automation

Altium Designer

ERP - Enterprise Relationship Management

Infor Syteline
Microsoft Dynamics 365
ORACLE E-Business Suite
SAP Hana

MES - Manufacturing Execution Systems

iBASEt Solumina

Microsoft Office Apps

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft SharePoint

PDM - Product Data Management

Autodesk Vault

PLM - Product Lifecycle Management

Autodesk Fusion Manage
* formally known as Upchain

Search and Business Intelligence


Additional Connectors