Ansys HFSS

Best-In-Class 3D High Frequency Structure Simulation Software
Ansys HFSS is versatile full-wave 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation software tailored for the design and simulation of high-frequency electronic products, including antennas, components, interconnects, connectors, ICs, and PCBs.


3D EM Simulation Software

3D Electromagnetic Field Simulator for RF and Wireless Design

Ansys HFSS is a premier 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation software, tailored for the design and simulation of high-frequency electronic products. From antennas and antenna arrays to RF or microwave components, high-speed interconnects, filters, connectors, IC packages, and printed circuit boards, HFSS empowers engineers worldwide to craft cutting-edge designs.

  • Component-to-System EM Workflow
  • Encrypted 3D Design Share
  • Coupled EM System Solver
  • Automatic Adaptive Meshing

From Chips to Ships, Solve Them All with HFSS

HFSS Mesh Fusion maintains the utilization of the identical “electromagnetically aware” adaptive meshing technology as previously employed, ensuring accuracy by solving a fully coupled electromagnetic matrix for each adaptive mesh step and at every frequency sweep point.

HFSS Mesh Fusion’s patented technology enables much more complex designs to be simulated with the same rigor, accuracy, and reliability of Ansys HFSS. It accomplishes this by applying targeted meshing technologies within the same design, appropriate to the local geometry.

Product Specs

HFSS’s unmatched capacity, coupled with indisputable accuracy, enables engineers to address RF, microwave, IC, PCB, and EMI problems for most complex systems.

*only available with Electronics Enterprise

Antenna Design Toolkit
3D Layout ECAD Flow
5G Post-Processing
Radar Pre/Post Processing
*SBR+ Accelerated Doppler Processing
Concurrent Initial 3D Meshing
Frequency and Time Domain FEM
Integral Equation (MoM)
SBR+ for Large Scale EMs
Hybrid FEM/IE/SBR+ Solver
Memory Matrix Solvers
Multipaction Solver
NEW: ISO-26262 Compliant

What's New

January 2024 Release

The 2024 R1 release brings new simulation capabilities to HFSS for 3D Layout, HPC, FlexPCB, and antenna array design.

Encrypted Technology Files for HFSS 3D Layout

IC mode in HFSS 3D Layout now includes support for encrypted technology files. HFSS can import encrypted technology files -and use them in simulation within a 3D layout.

FlexPCB Support in HFSS 3D

Flex PCB support is included in HFSS 3D through layout components. You can import a Flex PCB layout into HFSS 3D to assemble a complete system and run simulations in a streamlined workflow.

HPC/Distributed Computing Enhancements

Ansys has made additional improvements to memory resource efficiency with new upgrades to the Distributed Matrix Assembly solver.

HFSS Finite Array metadata export and mask automation

Two new HFSS features extend Ansys’ dominance in 5G/6G antenna design. Mask automation automatically uses CSV files to create an array. Metadata export allows you to export specific data from the array.


Antenna Design and Placement

Electromagnetic simulation of antenna design and its interaction with the entire system enables you to evaluate antenna placement, EMI/co-site interference and more.

Autonomous System Validation

Ansys model-based simulation solutions enable autonomous vehicle testing and validation for software-in-loop, hardware-in-loop and driver-in-loop analysis.

Autonomous Sensor Development

Ansys provides a comprehensive autonomous vehicle sensor simulation capability that includes lidar, radar and camera design and development.

Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (EMI/EMC)

Minimizing electromagnetic interference with simulation delivers high-performance, compliant and safe electronics systems, down to the microchip level.

PCBs, ICs & IC packages

Ansys’ complete PCB design solution enables you to simulates PCBs, ICs, and packages and accurately evaluate an entire system.


Physics Defines the Mesh; Mesh Does Not Define the Physics

The Ansys HFSS simulation suite offers a wide array of solvers to tackle various electromagnetic challenges, spanning from passive IC components to extensive EM analyses like automotive radar scenes for ADAS systems. With its dependable automatic adaptive mesh refinement, you can devote your attention to design instead of spending time on mesh optimization.

This automation and assured accuracy set HFSS apart from other EM simulators, where manual user intervention and multiple solutions are often necessary to validate the mesh’s suitability and accuracy.

Key Features

HFSS is the premier EM tool for R&D and virtual design prototyping, effectively reducing design cycle time while enhancing product reliability and performance.

  • EMI/EMC analysis
  • Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) in complex environments
  • Installed antenna and RF cosite analysis
  • RF systems and circuits analysis
  • Signal and Power Integrity analysis

EMI/EMC Analysis

Ansys Electronics Desktop seamlessly integrates Ansys electromagnetic 3D and 2.5D field solvers with the robust circuit- and system-level solutions in Ansys RF Option. This combination empowers engineers to diagnose, isolate, and eliminate EMI and radio-frequency issues (RFI) early in the design cycle.

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) in Complex Environments

EMIT collaborates with Ansys HFSS to merge RF system interference analysis with top-notch electromagnetic simulation, allowing for precise modeling of installed antenna-to-antenna coupling. This comprehensive solution accurately predicts the effects of RFI in multi-antenna environments with multiple transmitters and receivers.

Installed Antenna and RF Cosite Analysis

In Ansys HFSS, engineers can simulate infinite and finite phased-array antennas, accounting for all electromagnetic effects. This includes mutual coupling, array lattice definition, finite array edge effects, dummy elements, and element blanking, achieved through advanced unit cell simulation.

RF Systems and Circuits Analysis+

When combined with HFSS, circuits and RF systems simulation technologies create an end-to-end high-performance workflow for RF, EMI/EMC and other applications.

Signal and Power Integrity Analysis+

By combining with HFSS, SI Circuits enable the analysis of signal integrity, power integrity, and EMI issues arising from shrinking timing and noise margins in PCBs, electronic packages, connectors, and other complex electronic interconnects.

Encrypted 3D Components

Encrypted 3D Component support in HFSS 3D Layout allows companies to share their detailed component designs (connector, antenna, SMD chip capacitor) without divulging IP such as geometry and material properties.


Ansys HFSS now includes multipaction analysis, addressing an electronic phenomenon that can lead to breakdown due to high electric fields in a vacuum. This enhancement enhances solutions for aerospace applications and 5G satellites.

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