3 Key Steps for Successfully Adopting New Technology and the Companies that Proved them to be Effective


Taking the Leap into New Technology

Adopting new technology into current workflows can often be daunting, even when we know that doing so will result in time and money savings. With over 30 years of experience working with thousands of manufacturing companies, we’ve pretty much seen it all. We’ve seen first-hand the best wayto set yourself up for success, before and while adopting new technology. So, what does a foundation for success look like in today’s changing landscape and what can you do to prepare yourself? We’ll walk you through our top recommendations for successful technology adoption, along with use-cases of customers that have taken the leap and come out on the other side successfully. 

1. Properly Set up Servers and Libraries

We always recommend making sure servers and libraries are properly set up for each product.  This ensures that shared company resources are functioning and accessible for all users. It also helps alleviate end-user friction when trying to access shared library resources, such as templates and material options. Overall, setting up servers and libraries before adoption will give you more functionality and flexibility out of the software later. 

2. Provide Employees with Training and Mentoring Opportunities

A properly on-boarded team that has access to regular training will not only save your company time and effort in the long-run, but will give employees the confidence needed to adopt new technology.  

 3. Equip Yourself with a Great Support Package

A support package like KETIV Support gives you essential access to guidance and support resources, as well as continuous learning opportunities. KETIV Support’s guidance and support resources are aimed at helping you and your team reduce down time and meet critical project deadlines. It will also help you optimize, whether it be your software, hardware or licensing, KETIV Support team will help you understand your usage and help you plan for what’s ahead. Phone support included in KETIV Support is especially crucial for the inevitable questions that will come up when your team is adopting new technology. 

KETIV Support’s continuous learning helps to improve employee retention and increase productivity. A variety of trainings are offered weekly, giving your team the flexibility needed when adopting new technology. 


Established in 1973, DWFritz Automation is a leading global provider of precision metrology, inspection, and assembly solutions for advanced manufacturing. They design, build, and support engineer-to-order automation systems and high-speed, non-contact metrology products, as well as offer world class build-to-print manufacturing services.

DWFritz implemented AutoCAD electrical following the process recommended by KETIV. KETIV helped set up the part database and templates and offered on-boarding training to help the adoption go smoothly. In addition, KETIV Support has provided additional answers for the organization throughout the process.

Another KETIV customer also followed a similar process: 

“When adopting AutoCAD electrical, KETIV set up our servers and libraries and did an initial training. If we had set up our own servers we could have potentially done it incorrectly and KETIV was able to ensure our success from the start.”  – Drafter at Industrial Control Panel Manufacturer.

In addition, they utilized KETIV’s ongoing guidance and support to get answers as they continued to use the technology.  

“Often times, forums have outdated information or information from previous versions. Sometimes it is also hard to determine how to word a query in order to get the answer you are looking for. By using KETIV Support, I can get the tailored information I am looking for and not waste time searching around forums for a similar case.” – Drafter at Industrial Control Panel Manufacturer.

In Conclusion

By ensuring proper server set up and configuration, thorough on-boarding and ongoing guidance and support offered through KETIV Support, we have found that companies have the best chance for success during new technology adoption. 

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