California Based Manufacturer Overcomes Contractor Collaboration Challenges

About Cloacina

Cloacina is a manufacturer and purveyor of stainless steel package wastewater treatment plants and equipment located on the Central Coast of California. It is owned and managed by a family of licensed operators and maintenance mechanics, now four generations deep.

Industry: Waste Water Treatment Equipment
Location: Arroyo Grande, California

The Challenge

Cloacina’s core product is the MEMPAC-M membrane bioreactor – a packaged wastewater treatment system for municipal clients who need an immediate treatment solution, those who are budget-conscious but still have to meet stringent discharge requirements, or those with the desire to reclaim treated effluent for reuse. All interior and exterior components are manufactured from high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, and all tankage and equipment skids are fabricated from stainless steel. Cloacina has managed their engineering data in Vault Professional for years, but collaborating with outside contractors proved a complicated, time-consuming task. Designers at Cloacina were manually opening files and sending them to contractors.

Project Goals

Cloacina had two main goals in mind:

  1. Allow a way to share specific files with outside contractors in a secure and streamlined fashion.
  2. Educate their designers on effectively using this new process as quickly as possible.

The Solution

The solution was clear – Cloacina needed to extend its capabilities by configuring integration with Autodesk Vault Pro and Autodesk Fusion 360 – Team Participant, which comes included in the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection. Fusion 360 – Team Participant was explicitly made for collaborators to share, review, and manage design projects on any device, anywhere. This integration would allow Cloacina to work collaboratively with outside contractors, giving them a cloud-based external location where files could be synchronized bi-directionally with Vault. Cloacina partnered with KETIV’s Services Team to implement and configure the Vault Professional to sync to Fusion 360 – Team Participant. Upon completion of the configuration, KETIV would provide in-depth, hands-on administrator and user training for their design team to teach how to utilize the capabilities immediately. Training was delivered and recorded to be reused as needed and to share with outside contractors using the tool.


Business Outcome

With the configuration in place, Cloacina’s outside contractors could gain immediate access to select files using a single platform. Files being accessed by outside contractors now show as locked to avoid changes being made until the contractor is finished.

Not only did Cloacina now utilize a modern collaboration environment, but they also have a qualified framework in place to ensure efficient collaboration with all outside contractors going forward.


“Cloacina’s 5-year partnership with KETIV is strong and my experience with KETIV has been excellent. The configuration service for this project was completed on schedule and was smoothly implemented. KETIV has provided software, training, excellent technical support and great customer service. Thanks to the KETIV technician and other supporting team members.”

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