IAC Industries' Journey from AutoCAD to Inventor

About IAC Industries

IAC designs and manufactures state of the art workstations with processes that meet or exceed industry specifications for quality. IAC workstations are unsurpassed in delivering improved efficiency anywhere workers are either seated or standing on the job.

Industry: Industrial Workbenches
Location: Goodyear, Arizona

The Challenge

More and more, customers including architects and designers, would ask for 3D models of products, in order to see them integrated into the full design of a room. It was clear that a basic 2D image lacked the true depiction of their products that a 3D model could convey. For IAC to remain competitive, they knew they needed a fresh and innovative way to showcase their products to potential customers.

IAC turned to the idea of showcasing their products using visualizations and renderings. In order to do this effectively, integrating 3D models into their processes was the first step. In addition, 3D drawings were already an important part of an online configurator that IAC was developing for customers to use on their website.

“Being an AutoCAD user, the transition to Inventor was seamless.”

The Solution

IAC utilized the Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection (PDMC), which includes AutoCAD, a product they used for their 2D drawings, and Inventor, the software they planned to transition to. With the help of their lean team, they decided to undertake the transition one product and one project at a time.

Head Engineer at IAC, Al Moreno said, “Being an AutoCAD user, the transition to Inventor was seamless.” Al took classes at a local community college and used online trainings, such as KETIV’s Autodesk Virtual Academy to learn new tips and tricks on how to use Inventor. He often referred to the library of videos on KETIV’s YouTube channel if he was ever stuck or wanting to learn a new function or feature.

IAC continued to maximize their use of the PDM Collection, by incorporating the Fusion team functionality within Fusion 360 (a cloud-based software included in the Collection). With this integration, they were able to easily share their 3D models with key stakeholders, such as vendors and customers, outside of the organization.


“We’ve increased our efficiency by 75%. In the time it used to take us to produce one drawing, we are now producing four.”

The Result

IAC was able to complete the transition by moving one project over at a time, allowing for minimal disruption and investment. IAC’s Director of Sales & Marketing, Matt McConnell said, “We’ve increased our efficiency by 75%. In the time it used to take us to produce one drawing, we are now able to produce four.”

By using iParts within Inventor, IAC has recognized a noticeably faster time to make iterations and changes on existing product lines, allowing them to quickly generate custom solutions for their customers. Fusion team has saved time during collaboration between stakeholders by allowing customers to see the most up-to-date version of the 3D model without the headaches of emailing and other file transfer services. IAC customers now have the power to view the model in real time and make comments and redlines within an internet browser.

Next Steps

By moving to 3D models, IAC has gained a competitive edge in their industry. They are eager to start using their 3D models in visualizations and renderings and eventually in virtual reality walk-throughs. This will allow their customers to experience the products in the environment of their choice, saving time and resources. Lastly, IAC has already begun using their models in an online 3D configurator to give their customers instant access to custom solution.

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