GK Machine Inspires Imagination and Innovation

Since 1976 GK Machine’s goal has been to create exceptional value for our customers by focusing on the design and manufacturing of quality equipment. Keep reading to learn more about their strategic partnership with manufacturing consultant, KETIV.

Setting an Industry Standard

GK Machine strives to match the needs and vision of each client through a provision of high quality services and support. With help from KETIV, GK Machine continues to be an industry leader in assisting its customers in agriculture, transportation, and other innovative markets. GK Machine recognizes the importance of ingenuity and innovation in the technology dominant world of today and each continue to work towards improving their respective industry through the utilization of the vast imaginations at their fingertips.

Partnering with the Community

GK Machine prides itself on their deep Oregon community ties. Founded in 1976, GK Machine continues to dedicate itself to helping companies of all sizes increase productivity, bring efficiencies to production, inventory turns, processing time, and ensure worker safety. 

Those who work with the industrial equipment every day are most often the ones who have the most fascinating design concepts. Their close encounters with the equipment provides insight to the interworking of the machinery, thus providing them the opportunity to envision possible improvements to increase efficiency or align closer to the demands of job specificity. GK Machine’s engineering expertise enables them to take on projects other companies may find too complex.  

“Having an idea is one thing,” says Nick Williams, engineer at GK Machine. “Then you have to look at what is feasible in terms of functionality and budget. We focus on finding the design that will make the biggest impact on the customer ’s business. Of course, we also look closely at whether we can take a one-off, customized idea and apply it more broadly to other use cases.”  

The company’s readiness to understand the intricacies of each project and bring it to life through a rigorous design process provides customers with confidence and ease of mind.  

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KETIV understands the importance of innovation in the process of growth and they aim to provide knowledgeable and adaptive support to all of its clients.

Growth Through Innovation

Working together with KETIV, GK Machine added 3D modeling to its operation with Autodesk Inventor software. The software provides GK Machine and its customers with the opportunity to visualize intricate custom projects and Autodesk Vault enables GK Machine to track works in progress, organize documentation, and maintain version control. This collaboration and data management application integrates directly with inventor and provides everyone the opportunity to seamlessly move forward in the engineering process.  

“The balance we have to strike is not spending too much time on engineering unless the customer is committed to moving forward,” says Connie Bradley, marketing manager for GK Machine. “At the same time, the customer can’t make that commitment without knowing how we intend to solve the problem. KETIV and Autodesk Inventor have helped us get there faster.” 


Support for Vault and Beyond

KETIV understands the importance of innovation in the process of growth and they aim to provide knowledgeable and adaptive support to all of its clients. When GK Machine decided to utilize a new version of Vault, KETIV’s Lifeline provided personalized support for the permissioning issues that arose. As specialists in Autodesk software, KETIV provides its experience in the implementation, training, on-demand technical support, and ongoing education regarding the software.

Autodesk Virtual Academy

KETIV’s Autodesk Virtual Academy, a free online training program, is a popular source for getting tips, tricks, and updates about Autodesk software. A short information session is available on a weekly basis for GK Machine’s engineering team, in efforts to provide them with ample opportunity to learn directly from KETIV experts and Autodesk partners as they continue to grow and innovate.  

“The Virtual Academy has been a good resource for understanding new processes that I have not had the time to explore on my own,” says Ray Jentges, agricultural engineer for GK Machine. “The Q&A sessions allowed me to get answers extremely quickly. The videos are very valuable as well.” 

“We see KETIV as our strategic partner,” Williams says. “If we have a question or a problem or if we need to know how to get the most out of the software, we call KETIV.” 

Autodesk Virtual Academy is a series of free, online training webinars, happening every week

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