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Discover the power of electromagnetic, signal integrity, thermal, and electro-mechanical simulations through KETIV, your dedicated Ansys Elite Channel Partner. Reduce testing costs, ensure compliance, and enhance product reliability, significantly shortening your development cycle.

Equip your team with the tools to craft cutting-edge products with confidence.

By partnering with the best in class, industry-leading Ansys suite of simulation software, KETIV helps you tackle the most crucial aspects of product design across a range of devices—from antennas to integrated circuits, and electromechanical systems. Our solutions address every challenge, whether it’s electromagnetic fields, thermal management, signal or power integrity, or even parasitic and vibration issues. This comprehensive approach ensures you achieve first-pass success in designing everything from smartphones and laptops to airplanes and electric vehicles. 

Simulation of electronics and electromechanical components

Streamline design and certification

Accelerate your design cycle and market delivery with simulations that ensure your electronic designs are optimized, cost-effective, and certification ready. Our offerings include:
Power Integrity and Signal Integrity Analysis
Mitigate electrical and thermal issues affecting PCBs, such as electromagnetic interference and crosstalk.
Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility
Early diagnosis and resolution of EMI and RFI issues using advanced electromagnetic field solvers integrated with power circuit simulators.
Wireless and RF Communications
Simulate and validate complex, high-performance RF components for advanced wireless and defense systems.
Thermal Management
Enhance the durability and performance of electronic components through optimized thermal solutions.
Electric Machine Analysis
Ensure robust integration of motors, sensors, and actuaries with electronic controls for improved reliability.

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Case Study

Ansys and Nikola Labs

Powerful computational simulation tools, like Ansys HFSS, enable Nikola Labs’ engineering team to rapidly design and optimize transmit and receive antennas that enable high-performance wireless power transfer.

Ansys electronics simulation products

Ansys Motor-CAD

The go-to multiphysics simulation tool for electric motor design, Motor-CAD accelerates the development of electric vehicles by optimizing performance, efficiency, and size through its intuitive, template-based setup.
  • Quick generation of efficiency maps and torque-speed characteristics
  • Integrated electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical solvers
  • Specialized for rapid thermal sizing and performance analysis
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Ansys HFSS

This comprehensive 3D electromagnetic field solver is engineered for designing high-frequency and high-speed components. Perfect for tackling complex RF, microwave, IC, PCB, and EMI challenges with its multiple solver technologies including FEM and IE.
  • Advanced solvers for high-frequency electromagnetic challenges
  • Enhanced 3D layout workflows for PCBs and multi-layer packages
  • Robust IP protection with 3D component designs
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Ansys Icepak

Optimize electronics cooling with this high-fidelity CFD solver. Icepak predicts airflow, temperature, and heat transfer in everything from IC packages to complete electronic assemblies and enclosures.
  • Unstructured body-fitted meshing for intricate geometries
  • Comprehensive thermal management and reliability solutions
  • Extensive library for thermal physics and board-level electrothermal coupling
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Ansys Maxwell

A powerful electromagnetic field simulation tool ideal for electric machines and electromechanical devices. It addresses static, frequency-domain, and time-varying electric fields with high accuracy.

  • Detailed 2D and 3D electromagnetic FEA
  • Efficient component-to-system reduced-order modeling
  • Advanced material properties for precise simulations
  • Automatic adaptive meshing for streamlined workflows
  • Comprehensive multiphysics analysis capabilities
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KETIV has the expertise to overcome your toughest design challenges.

Do you face challenges in achieving optimal performance and reliability in your electronic designs? Are you looking for ways to reduce development time and ensure product compliance?

Graham, our in-house ANSYS electronics expert, is here to guide you through these complex issues. With a deep understanding of both industry demands and cutting-edge simulation technologies, Graham has helped numerous clients turn their innovative ideas into market-ready products. Learn how our consulting services, led by Graham, can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your success in today’s competitive landscape.

Graham Stevens
Application Engineer, Simulation

Graham Stevens is a certified ANSYS Application Engineer (AE) and has been designing new products for over 25 years.  His focus is on bringing products from the laboratory into production and cost reduction, and serves as a simulation AE for low frequency and high frequency electronics, electronics cooling and reliability, optics, optimization, and multi-physics.  He has a B.S. in Physics, and a Masters in Manufacturing Engineering